Department of Finance moved another step forward by joining hands with CISI, one of the leading professional body for securities, Investment, wealth and financial planning professionals in UK and in a growing number of major financial centres around the world.
The main purpose of this alliance is for CISI to accept the USJP as its Partner University in Management Education and outline areas where the organizations can work together, as follows,

  1. Consider the case for exemptions for the CISI qualification
  2. Hosting of joint CPD events on themes of mutual interest
  3. Offer a special discount of 62.5% for undergraduates and graduates taking CISI exams
  4. Promote joint research and awareness in field of capital markets
  5. Obtain the service of the academic staff of the Department of Finance of USJP when required by CISI
  6. Collaborate and sponsor events of mutual interest conducted by Department of Finance of USJP
  7. Award an annual gold medal to the highest achiever in Investment and Portfolio Management
  8. Share the academics, research and other study related materials

*if any student outside the Department of Finance wishes to apply for the CISI courses, should apply through the Head of Department of Finance.