Students who have followed the B.Sc. Honours in Finance degree are entitled to the following exemptions in the CIMA (UK) examinations.

B.Sc. Honours in Finance

C01 Fundamentals of Management Accounting

Based on ACC1370 Cost & Management Accounting and FIN2321 Financial Management

C02 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting

Based on ACC1370 Financial Accounting

C03 Fundamentals of Business Mathematics

Based on DSC1370 Business Mathematics and DSC1371 Business Statistics and ITC1321 Introduction to Information Technology II and FIN2321 Financial Management

C04 Fundamentals of Business Economics

Based on BEC1370 Microeconomics and BEC2370 Macroeconomics

E1 Organizational Management

Based on BUS1370 Principles of Management and ITC1320 Introduction to Information Technology II and FIN2370 Financial Management and DSC2370 Operations Management and MAR2370 Marketing Management and HRM1370 Human Resource Management