The inception of the Student Conference in Finance (SCF) on November 24, 2017, marked a pivotal step towards fostering a passion for research among students. Its core aim has been to reward and encourage students for delving into the realm of research studies. Year after year, this conference has served as a showcase, presenting a plethora of meticulously crafted research papers and articles authored by students, supported by their academic mentors. This annual gathering not only elevates the discourse on financial research but also actively involves students across the academic spectrum, from the second-year enthusiasts to the final-year stalwarts of the department. The SCF stands as a beacon, motivating students to delve deeper into research, providing them with a unique platform to share their insights on contemporary finance trends and innovations with a diverse audience comprising academicians, research scholars, and their peers. The invaluable feedback and guidance offered during these sessions serve as fertile ground for nurturing the budding researchers, cultivating a vibrant culture of inquiry and exploration among students. Through this concerted effort, the Department of Finance not only facilitates the dissemination of knowledge but also contributes significantly to honing the research skills of its future financial leaders.

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