Annual Mini Welcome 2020

Department of Finance of University of Sri Jayewardenepura has been a platform that inspired thousands of illustrious careers, globally renowned personalities and absolute success stories. Vaquero 2020, the Annual Department Mini Welcome, organized by the Students’ Association of Finance (SAF) was held on the 05th February 2020 at the University Main Ground with the purpose of welcoming the second-year undergraduates to witness the unsurpassed journey of the department. The Department head and the lecturer panel participated to this event.

The Head of the department, Dr. (Ms.) P.A.N.S Anuradha inaugurated the event with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp. Then, she addressed all the students, stressing the importance of prioritizing education while actively involving in the extra-curricular activities organized by the Department of Finance.

The event continued with fun activities which were aimed in encouraging and enhancing the team spirit among the undergraduates. The unity and the companionship between all students of the department were revealed by the enthusiastic way they engaged in every activity throughout the day. One of the memorable experiences of university life ended up with a glowing holy and a music event.