Rendezvous 2017 –Annual Mini Welcome

Rendezvous 2017 –Annual Mini Welcome

Rendezvous 2017, the Annual Mini Gathering exerted to welcome the new students to the Department of Finance was held on March 16, 2017 at the University grounds. It was organized by the students’ Association of the Department of Finance (SAF) under the guidance of Prof. Hareendra Dissabandara and with the affable assistance of the academic staff. Participation of the students of the Department of Finance from all the present batches made the event more glamorous.

All the second year students were divided into three groups and each of those groups had to appoint a leader for their group and come up with an innovative name for the group to turn up for the competition. This was done exclusively to upgrade their leadership skills and promote the team spirit.

In furtherance, the event embraced a lot of fun games where the main aspiration was to enhance the bond between and among the students of the Department of Finance. All the students got an opportunity to take part in numerous events and take their team towards the conquest.

Concerning the entire episode, the predominant activity was the one-day cricket tournament which lent a hand to strengthen the relationship between the academic staff and the students of the Finance Department. Students played batch wise and the participation of the academic staff members was really exciting.

The event was wound up with a grand “Holy event” along with a musical entertainment . All the students were given a chance to enjoy and collect valuable memories of their univerisity life. So it was quite obvious that the students got a wonderful experience. It was also evident from the speeches delivered by the Head of the Department, Former President and the new students.

Thus, it remarked a warm welcome to all the new students of the Department of Finance.