Snehadhara – Annual CSR Project

“Snehadhara” is the annual CSR campaign conducted by the Student Association of Finance (SAF), the student body of the Department of Finance.

The key objective of this project is to uplift the school education system of the country by supporting schools and the students who are constrained with financial difficulties and facility constraints which hinders their opportunity of receiving better education.

This movement was initiated in the year 2014 by Ma/ Godakumbura Junior School, Kotapola and has been unfolded with a series of schools since then to make a difference to the betterment of the society.


Naada Annual Talent Show

“Naada” is one of the most glamorous aesthetic events in the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce organized by the Students’ Association of Finance (SAF) every year. The key objective of this event is to build a platform to showcase the talents of students of the Department of Finance in the fields of music, dancing, and drama. Also, “Naada” forms a sound foundation and a greater opportunity for the students in Second, Third and Fourth years of the department to exhibit their skills and talents in the non-academic activities meanwhile enhancing the department spirit.

Finance 360

With the fundamental purpose of educating the finance undergraduates about career opportunities available in the job market, the Students’ Association of Finance (SAF) commenced Finance 360 in 2022 by collaborating with the Alumni Association of the Department of Finance.

The program was consisted of four sessions with the intention of raising awareness to undergraduates on career opportunities related to market analysis and research, the validity of the B.Sc. Finance (Special) degree in the global context, women in finance industry and career opportunities as an academia to streamline the future plans and career goals of finance undergraduates.

The Student Conference in Finance

The Student Conference in Finance is an annual event organized by the Department of Finance to showcase research studies done by the final year students of the department. Each year, a number of research studies of students and academic staff members are presented during the conference and the students from the Second, Third and Fourth years of the department actively participate in the event to acquire and share the knowledge.


The Students’ Association of Finance (SAF) of the Department of Finance introduced a novel initiative in the year 2022 by organizing “FutureScope” with the intention of paving the way for young undergraduates to exploit new opportunities. The programme was also able to raise awareness among finance undergraduates on emerging topics such as developing a mobile application, freelancing of websites, cryptocurrency, direct shipping etc. to generate income streams with the collaboration of latest technologies.



FuturePath is a new chapter introduced by the Students’ Association of Finance (SAF) in the year 2022 for the undergraduates of the department in order to thrive their professional careers with the prime intention of providing the undergraduates with the much needed knowledge regarding professional qualifications and certifications to brighten up their career pathways.

Knowledge regarding professional qualifications and the respective professional bodies such as Chartered Accountancy, CIMA, ACCA, CMA, CFA and CISI was provided after collaborating with the professional practitioners and giants in the industry today.

Financial Explorer – Annual Magazine

Financial Explorer is the first ever financial magazine to be produced by a group of students from a local university in Sri Lanka. The Financial Explorer originated as a concept of the Students’ Association of Finance and its sole objective is to replenish the reader’s thirst for financial knowledge. This magazine is aimed at anyone who is interested in the world of finance and its developments.

The Annual Departmental Welcome

This is a program conducted by the Students’ Association of Finance (SAF) to welcome the second-year undergraduates to the department while enhancing the cooperation between second year and third year undergraduates. The program is combined with fun filled games, singing, dancing, etc. which is aimed at enhancing the team sprit among second years to make their initial step as a Finance undergraduate to the department one of the most memorable experiences in the university life.


Finance Super League (FSL)

Finance Super League (FSL), The Inter-Department Challenge Trophy is a project organized by the Students’ Association of Finance with the aim of strengthening the fellowship among participants and to motivate athletes to become better version of themselves.

The Sports Committee of SAF focuses on giving the opportunity to each and every undergraduate of the Department of Finance to participate and be involved in physical activities while conducting projects to uplift the physical fitness of the members of the Students’ Association as well as in the faculty.

Sadaham Waruna

This is a program conducted by the Students’ Association of Finance (SAF) inline with Vesak and Poson Poya days in order to uplift the spiritual aspect of students of the department by conducting Bodhi poojas, Dharma Deshana and Alms giving programs to Buddhist Monks and Orphanages.