2016, Vol. 6, No. 1 – Sri Lankan Journal of Human Resource Management

The Sri Lankan Journal of HRM is a refereed journal published annually by the Department of HRM. It is the journal of university that devoted to the promotion of systematic and scientific research studies of the theory and practice of human resource management, particularly in Sri Lanka.


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ISSN: 1800-3036


2015, Vol. 5, No. 1



A. A. Arulrajah, H.H.D.N.P. Opatha, N.N.J. Nawaratne

2 The Effect of Human Resource Management High Performance Work Practices on Organisational Outcomes: A Sri Lankan Perspective

B.J.H. Arachchige, A. Robertson

3 Contribution of Human Resource Management in Creating and Sustaining Ethical Climate in the Organisations

A.A. Arulrajah

4 The Role of HRM in Improving Labour Productivity: An Analysis of Manufacturing SMEs in Japan

A.S. Gamage

5 The Mutual Role of Ability Emotional Intelligence and Trait Emotional Intelligence in Achieving Desired Objectives of Individual

R.B.L. Weragoda, H.H.D.N.P. Opatha