Inbound workshop Conducted by Applied Finance Graduate Program

The Applied Finance Graduate Program of the Department of Finance has organized a workshop for their postgraduate students on 5th June 2016 at the Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Sri Jayewardenepura. This is their 2nd workshop of this year organized as an inbound workshop on the theme “Academic writing & Presentation and accessing information via online databases”. The main objective of this workshop is to enhance the academic writing & Presentation skills and accessing research information via online databases. The resource persons for the workshop are Dr. A.R. Ajward and Mrs. S. Dharmaratne. Dr. Ajward has focused on academic writing and presentation and Mrs. Dharmaratne talked about the accessing online databases. The coordinator of the program, Dr. K.L.W. Perera, mentioned that their postgraduate students have gained a lot through this workshop and participants’ observations on this are quoted below.


“It was a very much important session we participated last Sunday in order to excel our knowledge in Academic writing and presentation. We gained a lot of ideas and ways of improving our writing and presentation skills and this is not only beneficial for the Academic work, but also our professional work too. The later session too was very important for us to gain valid information for our academic work (Ayesh & Sithara, Students from M.Sc. in Applied Finance program).”


“It was a great experience for all the students to clarify the doubt especially in academic writing and presentation. Even though I have undergone in a session about how to use data bases there were lot of new things that I learnt from today’s session. Overall it is a great experience where all students should get from the beginning of their courses (Sara, a new student from PGD in Applied Finance program).”


“This workshop was really helpful to enhance our knowledge regarding academic writing, presentation skills and accessing online data for research and other academic purposes. Concise knowledge has been shared by both resource persons and an excellent piece of work done by Applied Finance Program Unit (Kasun, Student from PGD in Applied Finance program).”