The Department of Finance has formed the Students’ Association of Finance (SAF) in order to enhance the interaction among students of the Department and has made every possible endeavour to improve the value of the undergraduates in Finance. The SAF supports the objectives of the Department and at the same time, expects to initiate and maintain extracurricular activities to promote and facilitate the personality development, leadership skill development and to improve the harmony among students from diverse cultures.

The Executive Committee of the SAF and Team Leaders for different projects are appointed by themselves among the third year and second year undergraduates of the Department. The Senior Treasurer and the Senior Auditor are two academic staff members of the Department who are responsible for guiding and advising students in various issues arising when working together as a team.

SAF intends to:

  • To facilitate career development
  • To provide welfare facilities
  • To build and maintain a sound relationship with the corporate sector,
  • To encourage and facilitate students to actively participate in financial markets
  • To uplift the quality and value of research and training
  • To encourage members in the involvement of communal activities

SAF Latest News 

Student’s Association of Finance (SAF) – Annual General Meeting 2019

The 15th Annual General Meeting of Students’ Association of Finance was held on 9th January 2019 at Soratha building main hall at 12.30 p.m. with the participation of the Head of the Department Dr. (Ms.) P. A.N. S. Anuradha and … Continued


The annual activity plan of SAF includes organizing a sport event and annual get-togethers, organizing ‘Snehadhara’ Project and ‘Nada’ Talent Show and launching ‘Financial Explorer’ magazine.

  • The sport event and annual get-together are aimed at enhancing the interaction, building confidence and a good relationship among the undergraduates of the Department.
  • The Snehadh