Graduate Profile

A graduate of Business Administration should be a competent and versatile individual who has the capacity to initiate and manage any organisation towards superior performance as a visionary, innovative and strategy-oriented leader with entrepreneurial insight, enterprise-wide focus and ethical spirit.

Expected Learning Outcomes


As the Department of Business Administration foresees, the graduates in Business Administration, upon the successful completion of the Degree, should


1. Be competent and versatile individuals who are able to confidently commence and progress in the chosen career/s while keeping a deep sense in human-beings;
2. Be able to view and comprehend personal, organisational and national problems and issues holistically as well as from different perspectives;
3. Be able to integrate all the functional areas of Management and other related disciplines to understand and cope with the multiple realities of the World of Work.;
4. Be a visionary, innovative and strategy-oriented leader who can successfully initiate and manage any organisation towards its success;
5. Have the conceptual capacity and practical capabilities to undertake any entrepreneurial, managerial or societal position locally or internationally;
6. Be continuous learners, resourceful catalysts and effective communicators;
7. Know how to successfully apply the knowledge and learning experience acquired in the classroom in different and changing situations. ;
8. Be competent management graduates who could contribute towards the socio-economic advancement and wellbeing of the Nation;
9. Be ethical and socially responsible citizens with good virtues, values and morality;