Attendance Policy

Course coordinators/lecturers/examiners will closely monitor and maintain the attendance record of each student for each course offered by the Department. Students are excused for absenteeism only for few valid reasons (medical, funeral, marriage or academic field tours). However, in such cases, a formal letter needs to be submitted to the concerned course coordinator/lecturer/examiner indicating the reason for the absenteeism for a specific course session/s with valid documentary evidence. Any student who gets absent for a session or several sessions of a particular course should handover his/her appeal on or before the commencement of the subsequent course session. The appeal should be comprised with documentary evidence for absenteeism along with a covering letter addressed to respective course coordinator /lecturer/ examiner. The covering letters should be typewritten on A4 size paper addressing to the respective Course coordinator/lecturer/examiner clearly indicating the course code and title, date/s of the session/s absent and the reason/s for the absence.

Continuous Assessment Policy

  • Typewritten assignments/reports

If not specifically mentioned by the respective Course coordinator/lecturer/examiner, an assignment or report text type should be “Times New Roman”. The font size should be 12. The text should be justified appropriately and the writing should be 1.5 lines spaced on one side of A4 paper with the margins as 1.5” left margin and 1” top, right and bottom margins. The students are required to adhere to the specific structure (Front Matter, Main Body, Back Matter) given by the Course coordinator/lecturer/examiner in developing their written assignment/s or report/s.

If the assignment or report is a group work, students are required to make sure that they have mentioned the list of names of the group members according to the ascending order of the Index Numbers and the group leader is also required to submit a workload matrix indicating how the group assignment or report responsibilities are shared among the group members and this must be attached to the Group Assignment as part of the front matter of the assignment or report.

  • Binding the written assignments/reports

As a practice of environment friendliness, the students are required to avoid using polythene and plastic for binding in their individual/group assignments or reports. As an alternative, the students can use perfect binding with hard board back cover. The binding should be simple and neat. Always avoid transparency sheets when binding the reports.

  • Method of referencing

If not specifically mentioned by the respective Course coordinator/lecturer/examiner, the Department mainly adhere to the Harvard Referencing Style (Author year style) in presenting the citations and the list of references in the assignments and reports. The guidelines and details regarding appropriate style of Harvard reference will be provided by the Course coordinator/lecturer/examiner in charge of the respective course.

  • Submission of the written assignments/reports 

Late submissions are not allowed. If not specifically mentioned by the respective Course coordinator/lecturer/examiner, all the assignments or reports should be handed over on the specific due date and time to the Department of Business Administration. When you handover an individual assignment or report, remember to place your signature in the Assignment Submission Record File maintained at the Department of Business Administration for the respective course/s. The group leader or a member of the group must sign and handover the assignment or report to the Department when it comes to a Group Assignments or reports. Assignments should not be handed over to individual lecturers unless otherwise the respective Course coordinator/ lecturer/examiner, specifies to do so.

Plagiarism Policy

Department of Business Administration greatly values academic integrity. Hence, all students must understand the meaning and consequences of cheating, plagiarism and other academic offenses under the Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures of the University. In line with our values, the Department has introduced a plagiarism policy in line with the University policy on plagiarism.

Simply put, Plagiarism is an act of appropriating someone else’s idea and/or work by a student as his/her own and/or work without proper acknowledgement. In the academic world, it is treated as a serious academic misconduct. Therefore, many preventive actions have been taken by the Department to eradicate plagiarism and related academic misconduct among the students. Hence, students are required to sign and include an Ethics Disclaimer Form as part of the front matter of every assignment or report pledging that the assignment or report is free from plagiarism. Adhering to these preventive actions and the Plagiarism Policy of the Department, you are instructed to avoid plagiarism and any act of related academic misconduct when developing your assignments and reports related to the degree courses. If a Course coordinator/lecturer/examiner detects any act of plagiarism and the related academic misconduct committed by you vis-à-vis any assignment or report developed by you, individual or collectively, you may penalise for the offense depending on the gravity of the offense you committed. In cases of reported plagiarism, the concerned Course coordinator/lecturer/examiner, together with the Head of the Department would collectively make the appropriate punitive action/s in accordance with the University policy on plagiarism after a formal investigation.

Learning Management System (LMS) Policy

The reading materials and notices in relation to the courses offered by the Department will be made available for the students via the LMS of the University. Therefore, students are required to enroll in the LMS at the beginning of the each Semester and actively engage with it. The students can log in to LMS by following the guidelines given below.


Password & UsernameWill be notified to the students by the Department

Course Enrolment Key : Will be given by the respective Course Coordinator

The students are required to access and use the LMS learning and teaching materials during the course of their studies. Printed teaching materials will not be given by the Department. Students are required to bring the required printouts for the lectures. Students are strictly advised to use these materials only for the academic purposes. Misuse of these resources is a punishable offense.

Internship Policy

Under this policy the students are provided with an opportunity to engage in practical training in management for a period of one year under the supervision by the Department. This policy is carried out as the Internship in Management Programme as explained below:

Internship in Management Programme (Practical Training in Management)

The internship programme is applicable only for the Forth (Final) Year Students. Under this Programme (which comprise of Internship in Management I Course offered in semester I and Internship in Management II Course offered in Semester II) an undergraduate is required to work for a period of one year in the capacity of a trainee in any functional or general area of Business Management (viz. General Management, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Operations Management, Business Information Systems Management, Public Sector Management, Trade and Commerce etc.). However, the Department will not permit audit training and clerical work as part of the internship programme and any job which are not in the purview of Business Management as determined by the Department. It is the responsibility of the undergraduate to find a suitable placement. The students are expected to fulfill the internship of not less than 540 working hours amounting to 6 credits (Weight of two course units). Every undergraduate who undertake the internship programme is provided with a Training Record Book by the Department. The undergraduate is required to maintain the Record Book under the supervision of the Industrial Supervisor and the Mentor appointed by the Department according to the instructions given.

Please note that the above policies of the Department can be amended or replaced at any time at the discretion of the Department.

Apart from the above Department level policies, all other policies of the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce and the University of Sri Jayewardenepura will be applicable to the students (For Example: Examinations and Disciplinary policies mentioned in the Student Hand Book of the University).