Research Centre for Business and Society (RCBS) of the Department of Business Administration is dedicated to enriching the research and life-long-learning culture of the Department. It creates a platform to facilitate building up a dialogue between academics, graduates and undergraduate students, scholars, and industry partners in relation to the issues, dynamics, and latest developments/trends in the field of Business Management. Accordingly, RCBS facilitates its members to undertake research in collaboration with relevant parties with a view of sparking intellectual autonomy and enhancing community wellbeing.

Mission of RCBS

To enable the interaction between academics, graduates and undergraduate students, scholars, and industry partners to enhance research opportunities, academic excellence, problem solving in the world of work, and knowledge creation and dissemination.

Objectives of RCBS

i. To promote and facilitate a research-led teaching culture within the Department;

ii. To work collaboratively with industry practitioners to develop research that provide insights to expand their product and service offerings, introduce new business models and people engagement strategies;

iii. To promote different and alternative methodological and epistemological approaches to business research;

iv. To conduct research in the broader area of management, organisational behaviour, and other organisational studies individually as well as collaboratively;

v. To provide a support system for the Department to plan, develop, secure funding for and conduct research on problems of interest to the academic and business community;

vi. To contribute the postgraduate (MPhil, MBA, MSc) and undergraduate programmes by providing supervision for the students in their research projects and giving them opportunities to engage in assistantships and other work arrangements;

vii. To provide a vehicle for unique social research and public service programmes that do not fit more traditional academic structures;

viii. To combine expertise and capacities of multiple institutions, disciplines, and professions in addressing complex business problems;

ix. To publish research findings in high impact journals;

x. To establish strong links/ partnerships/ collaborations between the Department of Business Administration and the corporate sector/ other research centres/ other educational institutions and government and non-governmental institutions in terms of research related to organisational studies;

xi. To ensure the training of future researchers in management and business research;

xii. To enhance the public visibility of the Department of Business Administration;

Activities of RCBS

The RCBS mainly engages in the following activities:

i. Undertaking individual and collaborative research with the corporate sector.

ii. Facilitating opportunities to obtain research grants from the University and from sources outside the University.

iii. Supporting researchers to publish their research in nationally and internationally recognised journals.

iv. Creating professional links with industry, local/ international universities, and research institutions to conduct research and provide consultancy services.

v. Conducting knowledge sharing sessions, training programmes and workshops to enhance research skills of the academics.

vi. Organising an international research conference.

vii. Developing a journal to facilitate the research publications of academics, graduates and undergraduate students, scholars, and industry partners.

Research Clusters

The research activities carried out by the members of RCBS across broad areas of Management and Organisation Studies are organised under three research clusters: the Cluster for Organisation & Society (COS), the Cluster for Leadership & Strategy (CLaS), and the Cluster for Knowledge Management & Business Innovation (CKMBI). Details of the three research clusters are as follows.