The Association of Business Administration (ABA) is the formal internal student association of the Department of Business Administration. The ABA organizes and conducts many student support service activities including guest lectures, workshops, field tours, sports, entertainment and talent simulation events etc. geared at developing leadership skills and the personality of the students. It also engages in academic support activities and organizes social activities, etc. The Department is in the process of reorganising the structure and activities of the ABA to incorporate more student participation and membership in collaboration with the newly introduced student support service programme of the Department. Some of the activities include publication of a Journal of Business Administration, Business Forum, Publication of a Business Directory, Talent Show, Productivity and Quality Week in the University, Attitude Improvement Programme, Social Contributory Activities, Fund Raising Activities and the like.

ABA News

VERVE 2020 – Department of Business Administration

In celebration of 40 years of supremacy and legacy of the Department of Business Administration, the Association of Business Administration (ABA) of the Department of Business Administration organized VERVE 2020, the Inter-School Debating Competition and Talent Show of Business Undergraduates. … Continued