Future Scope

The business and finance worlds are always evolving. There are many emerging income streams which have been possible through the developments in technology. Students’ Association of Finance of the Department of Finance identified the gap in the knowledge and organized the novel initiative “FutureScope” to pave the way for the young undergraduates to exploit these opportunities in generating an additional income while potentially bringing foreign exchange to the country.

The project was conducted on 4th and 5th of July 2022. The first session of the first day was to educate the audience on how to develop a mobile application without any coding knowledge in collaboration with Dialog Ideamart. Following that, another session was held to discuss about how an individual can earn dollars using their unique skills through different freelancing websites. On the following day, an introduction to cryptocurrency was discussed which covered important areas such as how to get started and risk mitigation. Then the last session of the project was to increase the awareness of the participants regarding Direct Shipping. The entire project was carried out using zoom and Facebook live platforms with over 400+ participants across both days.