The job world is increasingly becoming more competitive. There are many undergraduates who are planning on adding a professional qualification into their resume to stand out from their peers. However, choosing the right professional qualification is an important decision an undergraduate has to make and to help with this important decision, Students’ Association of Finance of the Department of Finance organized FuturePath on 9th and 10th of July 2022.

The 9th of July was allocated for 4 highly demanded qualifications namelChartered Accountancy, CIMA, ACCA and CMA. The resource personnel shared the structure of the qualifications and exams along with the importance of the respective qualifications in the professional world. They were able to guide the participants on how to capitalize the exemption opportunities which are available with the degree programmes that they are following. Participants got a chance to ask questions in the Q&A session where they could find answers to any issues which they had.

The 10th of July was allocated for CFA and CISI which are two of the highly sought-after qualifications in the finance field. The participants were able to get an idea on how to pursue these qualifications and different scholarships available when following the programmes. The entire project had over 700 registrations which was carried out through Zoom and Facebook live platforms. At the end of the session all the participants got the clarity they require to make a sound decision regarding their future to help them reach the pinnacle of their professional careers.