Call for Extended Abstracts – Undergraduate Research Day 2021

The Department of Business Administration of the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce of University of Sri Jayewardenepura proudly announces its Undergraduate Research Day – 2021 on ‘Transformation of Work and Organisations: Managing Challenges and Organising for the Future’ which will be held on 08 April 2021 as a virtual event. The Department convenes the Undergraduate Research Day for the 2nd consecutive year with the intention of opening a forum for the undergraduates to be part of the knowledge creation and dissemination process. Accordingly, the Department invites the students of 2015/16 batch who have obtained grades of ‘B’ or above for the research study, carried out under BUS 4356 Research Project in Management/ BUS 4655 Research Study (Dissertation) courses, to submit extended abstracts which are developed based on their individual Research Project/ Dissertation in relation to managing challenges of transformation of work and organisations and organising for the future.

Please refer to the attached notice for further information
URD 2021 – Call for Papers

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