Stakeholder Consultation Forum 2019

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The Department of Business Administration of the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura successfully conducted a Stakeholder Consultation Forum, on Friday, the 08th of November 2019 at the Light House Galley, Colombo with the participation of the industry practitioners and the academics of the Departments.
The Forum was conducted as an essential step of the process of revisiting the existing curriculum of the B.Sc. Business Administration (Special) Degree. Besides the areas, such as the new trends and the future of the World of Work and Business Management Education, the relevancy of the curriculum to the Sri Lankan, South Asian and Global business landscape, advantages and disadvantages of the major and minor component of a Degree, advantages and disadvantages of a specialised and a non-specialised Degree and the employability of a Business Management Graduate, were some of the important talking points of the Forum.

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