About B.Com. (Special) Degree

The curriculum of the B.Com Degree (Special) provides a carefully blended subject combination in Economics, Accountancy, Management, Entrepreneurship, Decision Sciences and Commercial Law. The curriculum has recently been revised to lay a broad and sound foundation for students to pursue professional careers and more advanced study in Commerce and Management. ­The Department provides research training to produce graduates who are eligible to investigate and solve complex real world commerce related problems. Both theoretical and empirical studies pertaining to any area of significance to industry and the economy are accommodated. To facilitate this research training, a lecturer is appointed as a supervisor to provide academic guidance from formulation of the problem to report writing. In addition to that, it seeks to help in upgrading the quality of the undergraduate programme by creating corporate sector links with the department. In line with that, Internship or Practical Training provides a supervised learning and work experience in areas pertaining to the general field of Commerce and Management with a view to promoting the overall quality of the program.

Programme Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

  • Acquired a general knowledge and theoretical and conceptual understanding in the broad area of Commerce and Management.
  • Aptitude to comprehend the role of  the Commerce and Management in the national economy and influence on economic development of changes in the broad field of Commerce and Management
  • Technical knowledge and skills at benchmark level to identify and collect relevant information or data, and to analyse and interpret the outcome to capture the issue and make necessary recommendations to either to overcome detrimental effects or improve the favourable effects.
  • Ability to perform any task within the scope of the degree program independently and extrapolate within reasonable horizon.
  • Talent to search for new knowledge and achieve academic excellence through research.
  • Developed soft skills and other transferable skills such as interpersonal skills, leadership qualities, oral and writing skills, presentation skill, computer literacy etc., essential for effective communication and productive team work.
  • Obtained self-confidence sufficient to be independent, a self-starter for an innovative career preferably as an entrepreneur by conquering potential challenges and risk.
  • Desire to embark upon higher postgraduate studies inspired by the thirst for further knowledge and love for life-long learning.
  • Capacity to be a quick learner, competent to achieve career progress through enhanced performance and display of high level professionalism.

Degree Programme News

5th Commerce Research Symposium

5th Commerce Research Symposium (CRS) held on February 26, 2024, at the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce, USJ with the collaboration of the 20th International Comference of Business Management (ICBM) 2024 undergraduates’ research day. Mr. Kusal Nissanka, Head of Finance and Administration, Colombo Stock Exchange and Dr. Thilini Kaushalya, Senior Lecturer of the Department […]


Primary Point Of Contact


Department of Commerce
Faculty of Management Studies & Commerce
University of Sri Jayewardenepura


Other Important Info

Maximum Intake
The annual intake will be limited to 125 students.
Length of the Degree Program
Four (04) Academic Years. An academic year consists of two semesters, consisting 15 weeks each.
The Curriculum Structure
120 credits covered within a period of 1800 contact hours.