At the Department of Commerce, we share our unique and valuable ideas, and learn from each other. Through many ways we strive to encourage all our undergraduates to become more creative, innovative, sustainable, and ethical in their leadership and in every aspect of their life, while encouraging in life-long learning.

Our department counts more than 45 years of rich and valuable history in commerce education in the Sri Lankan university system. We aspire to become a world class center in the arenas of teaching, learning and research in the field of commerce. Our academic staff has specialized in fields such as Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, International Trade, International Business, International Finance, Banking and Insurance, Taxation, Auditing and Assurance, Development Economics, Project Management, Sustainable Commerce, Financial Accounting, Cost and Management Accounting, and International Accounting. The expertise of our academic and visiting staff, allows us to provide quality undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

We help all our students to understand their own individual potential through an experience that is truly unique and transformational. We also expect our students to transform their taught knowledge into practice. Our Bachelor of Commerce (Special) Degree program is designed to ensure that our students are actively engaged with all the course units, while critically thinking about the relevance and meaning of the study content in relation to the changing commercial world.  We encourage our students to critically understand the contents of their courses of study and think in a more innovative way.  With our study programs, students are able to improve practical skills such as problem-solving, team work, developing strong arguments and effective communication skills while improving their strategic decision making skills and strategy execution.

Another important aspect of our degree program is that, we give our students the opportunity to engage with an internship program in either public or private sector organizations. We also arrange a wide variety of industrial visits to introduce our students to excellent local and international management practices. This in-turn enables students to practice learned theories outside the classroom. For this purpose, the Department of Commerce, maintains a strong relationship with local and international corporations, and also with several public and private sector organizations.

At the Department of Commerce, education is not limited to the classroom – we teach and advise our students on how to maintain good morals and proper work ethics. We support the general public, policy makers and industry representatives through many ways – we conduct Corporate Social Responsibility projects, organize conferences, participate in stakeholder engagements, disseminate knowledge through publications, and have affiliations with professional bodies.

As the pioneer of commerce education at tertiary level in Sri Lanka, we aim to become an influential and respected voice in the country through supporting and helping major issues in commerce and trade in Sri Lanka. All our academic staff members work individually and/or in teams, collaboratively, both locally and internationally, within the department, across the faculty and the university system in different projects that support the university’s mission. We aspire to respond to all the complex challenges thrown at us in the fields of management and commerce through offering quality and accredited undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

I warmly welcome you to the Department of Commerce.

Head – Department of Commerce