COM 4643 – Independent Study is a compulsory subject carrying 6 credits in the final semester of the B. COM (Special) degree program. However, work on the project is supposed to be spread throughout the year, both semester I and II in Year IV.

Course Description

The Department of Commerce recognizes the importance of providing undergraduates with opportunities for self-directed learning. The Independent Study course allows undergraduates to engage in real-world learning within an inquiry and problem-solving framework. They have the opportunity to investigate a self-selected topic that extends the curriculum and contributes to their knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for life-long learning. This course unit should be a student-directed investigative project that is planned in collaboration with an academic supervisor and allows the undergraduate to assume the role of first-hand inquirer.

Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs)

Students interested in this course should;

  1. Demonstrate the ability to work independently with minimal direction;
  2. Be committed to achieve project outcomes in a self-directed environment;
  3. Demonstrate strong problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, and creativity;
  4. Demonstrate an interest and ability to collaborate with and learn from others;
  5. Be willing to share their learning experiences with others.

Eligibility and Requirements

  1. The students are advised to follow the instructions and guidelines provided during the course, COM 3345 – Research Methodology, in the Third Year Semester II.
  2. The Department of Commerce appoints an academic supervisor for each student at the beginning of Semester I, Year IV.
  3. The student is required to meet his/her supervisor a minimum of eight (08) times during the semester provided that meeting will take place at least once a fortnight but not more than once a week.
  4. The students are required to make three (03) progress presentations. Presentation schedule will be noticed in advance by the course coordinator.
  5. It is the responsibility and the duty of the student concerned to maintain proper records on his/her research project and obtain the signature of the supervisor on each activity recorded in the form.
  6. The students should adhere the Plagiarism policy imposed by the Faculty (https://mgt.sjp.ac.lk/student/plagiarism-policy/).
  7. No research report under any circumstance will be accepted without the recommendation of the supervisor to that effect and will result in the research report being fail, (of course, those who fail have to repeat the research project in the following year to complete the degree).

How we help you?

  1. The Department allocates an academic research supervisor for guiding. Students must always maintain a strong relationship with his/her academic supervisor to complete the research report.
  2. Format to be used in preparing the research report has been provided by the Department. 
  3. Online Learning Management System (LMS) facilitates to provide necessary reading materials and videos related to data analysis. 
  4. If a student experiences any difficulty that might directly affect successful completion of the research report, he/she must promptly inform the supervisor of his/her circumstance.  The student could approach the head of the Department and course coordinator about his/her grievance if and only if he /she is unable to consult his/her supervisor in this regard.
  5. The Department checks Similarity index in your thesis using Turnitin software to avoid plagiarism issue.
  6. The Commerce Research Symposium organizes to encourage undergraduates’ active engagement on research. The students are facilitated to present the extended abstracts/abstracts which are extracted from their research reports.

The Department facilitates to publish journal articles collaborating with academic community and undergraduates.

Contact information

Independent Study Coordinator:

Dr. (Ms.) Vilani Sachitra

Email: vilani@sjp.ac.lk

Room: Department Building, Block II, Room No: 13      

Contact Number:  +94-011-2802513 Ext: 3108

Postal address:

Department of Commerce

Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce

University of Sri Jayewardenepura

Gangodawila, Nugegoda

Sri Lanka