The Department of Commerce was set up in the Vidyodaya Campus of the University of Sri Lanka in 1973 concurrently with the establishment of the Faculty of Management Studies & Commerce under the University re-organization scheme in 1972.  The department commenced the prestigious four year B.Com (special) degree programme initially in all three languages namely Sinhala, Tamil, and English. Later, Tamil medium was discontinued as faculty competent of teaching degree curriculum in Tamil was not available and as degree programme in Commerce in Tamil medium were introduced in other universities especially in the North and East of Sri Lanka. The department was proud to run a highly reputed and successful B.Com (special) degree program in Sinhala and English medium with students initially allocated from among those sent to the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce and afterward directly from the University Grants Commission. The Department currently conducts its program in the English medium only.

Top Story

Congratulation – Research Awards

Dr. (Ms.) K. M. V. Sachitra has won three research awards at the Research Awards Ceremony – 2018 of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura organized by the Research Council of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, which was held on 13th November 2019. Three awards … Continued


Graduate Profile

The goal of B.Com.(Special) Degree Program is to prepare its graduates to succeed in this complex and competitive global world for future challenges through intellectual autonomy, personal development and lifelong learning. A graduate of commerce should be a competent individual who is knowledgeable, including an understanding of broad conceptual and theoretical elements and international perspectives in the fields of commerce and management studies. A commerce graduate should have the capacity for critical, conceptual and reflective thinking and inquiry inclusive of an ability to evaluate and apply underlying assumptions and theories, problem identification and solving along with strategic decision-making.




“Prosper lives through learning”

Aims of the Department

“The strategic intent of the Department of Commerce is to be the vanguard of the Commerce and Management education in Sri Lanka. Our aim is to produce graduates with appropriate and sufficient managerial skill, knowledge and experience, who are competent to support and augment the economic development of the country by generating and imparting scientific knowledge with the aide of different and most relevant modes of delivery. “