B. Com (Special) gave me extensive knowledge on a wide range of business subjects and prepared me to confidently face the corporate world. Not only did it allow me to fulfill my desire to learn, but it also helped me grow and develop as an individual alongside lecturers and peers who supported and encouraged me every step of the way. My four years at the university of Sri Jayewardenepura gave me far more than quality education, it opened doors to many invaluable opportunities in sports and extracurricular activities and above all the chance to meet and interact with the best and brightest in the country
Nidheesha Ellawala, Junior Executive -B.Com. (Sp) Degree (UG), CIM (UK) (Reading Level 7)
Nidheesha Ellawala
The degree program offered by the Department of Commerce packs a wide range of course modules facilitated by creative & qualified academic staff covering a number of different, yet complementary fields to Commerce. This has enabled me to excel in my career by providing me with the competitive edge as a multidisciplinary professional. B.Com at USJ Being one of the few internationally recognized degree programs, the Commerce graduates have the pathway to easily obtaining membership of professional bodies such as CPA Australia, which also complements the employability of graduates. The Department of Commerce also has several ongoing extra-curricular programs, which the students are given the chance to organize and take part in. Take the maximum out of this invaluable opportunity during your stay as an undergraduate, so that you can one day return the same to society. Been there – done that.
Isuru Thilakarathne , Financial Analyst (Credit) - B.Com. (Sp) Degree, CIMA (UK), MBA Finance (Reading)
Isuru Thilakarathne
I’ve always believed that something wonderful is ought to happen in my life. Yes!, it happened when I met you, my university. I’ve been wondering how I’d be able to manage in a university that I knew no one. Today, when I turn back and look at the past four years at the Department of Commerce, what I see is a bunch of peers who were with me hand in hand in all my learnings, achievements, leadership, and even at life lessons. Today, I serve as a strategist in an outstanding company. Whenever I outperform, whenever I tick off another goal in life, I always pay my gratitude to my department which made me a proud bearer of B.Com (Special). At every milestone of my university journey, lecturers were encouraging me to excel not only in academics but also in many extracurriculars such as public speaking, leadership, competitions, global challenges, and professional developments. Our lecturers do not just mold graduates, they work toward molding quality professionals and human beings to the world because they believe we are the change-makers.
Aransana Mahendran, Associate Strategist - B.Com. (Sp) Degree (UG), AAT (SL) Passed Finalist, ACCA Passed Finalist
Aransana Mahendran
Getting selected to the B.com (Special) has been the opportunity of a lifetime, but even that is an understatement. Those four years have more than prepared me for whatever that comes next by giving me the character I need to keep building, the brain I need to keep expanding, and the heart I need to keep loving. I will treasure these memories for the rest of my life. Rather than saying goodbye to a period of my life that has meant so much to me, I will use this opportunity to thank the Department of Commerce for the best four years of my life so far.
Ravindu Kulawardena , Investment Research Analyst - B.Com. (Sp) Degree (UG), CIMA (UK) Passed Finalist
Ravindu Kulawardena
B. Com (Special) Degree programme offered by the Department of Commerce of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura is enriched with a diversified set of modules that gave me a perfect blend of quality education to accelerate my growth within the corporate world. While holding positions as the Vice President-Public Relations, of the Gavel Club and the Director of the Professional Development Avenue, of the Rotaract Club and taking part in many projects and competitions I still was able to balance both academic and extra-curricular activities with the immense support and guidance given by the qualified panel of lecturers. The innumerable worthy opportunities granted by the Department of Commerce has transformed me to be a well-equipped individual not only by facilitating my professional career but also by moulding my personality to lead a better life.
Oshan Bulugahapitiya , Executive - B.Com. (Sp) Degree (UG),AAT (SL), CIM (UK), CMA
Oshan Bulugahapitiya