COM 4644 – Internship


COM 4644: Internship is a compulsory subject carrying 6 credits in the last semester of the B. COM (Special) degree program. Internship is a structured work experience, which provides practical experience that complements students’ academic studies.

Course description:

Internship provides an opportunity to complete training in an organization approved by the Department. This course component intends to provide a supervised learning and work experience in areas pertaining to the general field of Commerce and Management to promote the overall quality of the program of study and enhancing the employability of students reading for the B.Com (Special) degree.

Learning outcome:

On successful completion of this subject, students should be able to:

  1. Determine the application of knowledge and skill sets acquired from the courses and workplace in the assigned job role.
  2. Analyse work environment and work conditions using appropriate skills acquired from the course.
  3. Demonstrate communication skills in the work environment through written and oral means.
  4. Exhibit critical thinking and problem solving skills by analysing underlying issue/s to challenges.
  5. Recommend ideas to improve work effectiveness and efficiency by analysing challenges and considering viable option

Training areas are as follows

  • Banking and Finance
  • Insurance & Leasing
  • Logistics & Supply chain
  • E-commerce
  • International Trade
  • Functional areas in Organizations
    • Marketing
    • Accounting
    • Finance
    • Human Resource Management
    • Production
    • Information Technology
    • Other

Expected results from this internship

  1. Internship offers students the opportunity to gain valuable experience while enhancing skills such as communication, teamwork, adaptability, problem solving, creativity, work ethic, interpersonal skills and time management.
  2. Internship will also help students to build a professional network and get an edge in the job market, so that after completing the degree students can enter to the job market with no delay.

Eligibility and requirements

  1. In order to check the suitability of your internship, it has to be communicated and approved by the Department of Commerce prior to the enrolment.
  2. Students can start their internship from Year IV – Semester-I, however, Students must participate and maintain regular attendance in the evening lecturers (5.30pm to 8.30pm)
  3. Your internship should cover a minimum of 600 hours in one organization. Students will not be allowed to cover the minimum period in multiple organizations.
  4. Complete the pre- and post-placement requirements (compulsory 5- Forms) within the specified period.
  5. Digital portal – You to have maintain the given properly by promptly uploading the required documents.
  6. The student must undergo internship under a qualified supervisor according to the Practical Training Guidelines of the Department of Commerce.
  7. Students should adhere to the rules, regulations of the internship organization and provide the fulfill all the requirements under the training agreement
  8. It’s the responsibility of the students to collect the Internship record book, guidelines after full filing the requirements said under the course enrolment. Afterwards the students must contact the internship coordinator and collect the documents or under certain circumstances it will be available on the LMS to download.

How we help you for this internship?

  1. The Department of Commerce arranges number of skill development workshops and information sessions to develop the managerial and professional skills. For this, the department assists undergraduates with preparing a quality CV, strengthening your interview skills, soft skills and training guideline meetings to ensure they are readily employable.
  2. The department allocates an academic supervisor for couching and mentoring. Students must always maintain a strong relationship with his/her academic supervisor in order to full fill the requirements of this course.
  3. Online Learning Management System (LMS) facilitates to maintain a continuous rapport with the intern students.
  4. The department has entered in industry collaborations with several public and private organisations. The department strongly encourages its undergraduates to find internship positions in well reputed organisations to give them better exposure to the corporate world. However, if a certain student face any challenge in finding an organization they are most welcome to contact the internship coordinator and discuss his/her inabilities.  
  5. For differently abled undergraduates the department has provided the choice of selecting an optional subject in Semester I – Year IV (Note: Kindly note that this facility only applies to students enrolled with the B.Com Honours degree program)

Contact information

Internship coordinator:

Mr. Sachin Wijayasinghe


Room: Department Building, Block I, Room No: 014      

Contact Number:  +94-011-2802513 Ext: 3112

Postal address:

Department of Commerce

Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce

University of Sri Jayewardenepura

Gangodawila, Nugegoda

Sri Lanka

In previous years many prestigious organizations accommodated our undergraduates by providing internship opportunities during their final year as a degree requirement which we are very grateful. Many multi-talented undergraduates from the department were able to establish stronger relationships with their employers which has led to secure full-time employment offers that has enriched their career paths. In return for providing such opportunities to our undergraduates’ department too created many opportunities for renown organizations for joining hands with us.