The Objectives of the B. Com. (Special) Degree Programme

  are to;

  1. Produce graduates equipped with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to meet the challenges of the modern business organizations in the face of stiff competition and turbulent global and local economic environment;
  2. Introduce and offer high quality study programes in broad area of commerce;
  3. Enhance commerce graduates’ knowledge and competencies in relation to research, analysis, communication, teamwork and decision making that encourage graduates’ personal, professional and social lives;
  4. Encourage creative, responsive and innovative teaching methods and learning atmosphere within the department that enhance students’ interaction and cooperativeness with the department;
  5. Support graduates to identify and develop their future career interests and potentials through developing their knowledge and competencies in the fields of commerce and management, whilst developing their interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary knowledge that useful to compete in the job market;
  6. Encouraging the academic staff of the Department of Commerce to develop their academic career through engaging in research and development; and Encourage the use of modern teaching methods such as Learning Management Systems (LMS) that enhances the quality and effectiveness of dissemination of knowledge