Fulfilment of above objectives would evidence itself in a number of important learning outcomes. Therefore the completion of the degree programme successfully, students should have,

  • Gained wider knowledge and conceptual understanding of areas of Real Estate Management and Valuation, Urban and Regional Planning etc
  • Ability to perceive the behaviour of the real estate industry and its consequences on the national economy
  • Technical and intellectual skills to gather data/information and critically analyze the character and behaviour of property markets and factors determining the value of different properties and prepare valuation reports
  • Learnt the way of searching new knowledge and academic excellence through research
  • Developed a range of transferable skills, which are useful in decision making with regard to land resource matters such as handling data and interpretation, computer literacy, information management, teamwork, oral and written presentation/communication etc.
  • Built self-confidence for independence, self-motivation for life-long-learning in the field and go for postgraduate studies
  • Ability to commence professional practice in real estate valuation, management, and urban and regional planning.