Frequently Ask Questions


Q: What qualifications do I need to apply for this degree program?

A: To obtain admission to the B.Sc. Estate Management and Valuation (Special) Degree programme, a student should have obtained at least three ‘S’ grades for one of the following combinations of subjects at G.C.E. (Advanced Level) Examination;

Business Studies



or At least two subjects given above and the third subject from the subjects given below;

Agricultural Science


Business Statistics


Combined Mathematics or Mathematics


Political Science


Logic & Scientific Method


Information & Communication Technology


Q: What is the average class size?

A: The current average annual student intake to the Undergraduate Programme is around 50-65 Students. In the Year 2021, the student intake rose to 84. .


Q: Are the professors and lectures of the Department of Estate Management and Valuation  


A: All Professors and Lecturers practice an open-door policy. Besides, every Professor / Lecturer holds weekly office hours. In a case where the student is unable to meet during standard office hours, he/she may call or email the Professor / Lecturer and arrange an alternative time. Professors / Lecturers are available to assist students with class materials and also with areas of research, graduate study, and careers.


Q: Is your degree accredited?

A: B.Sc. Estate Management Valuation (Special) Degree programme offered by the Department of Estate Management and Valuation has been accredited by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyor (RICS) and by the Institute of Valuers Sri Lanka (IVSL) .


Q: What are the career opportunities available for the B.Sc. Estate Management and Valuation

    (Special) graduates?

A: ­Department maintains strong links with the state organizations such as Government Valuation Department, Urban Development Authority, National Physical Planning Department, Water Supply and Drainage Board, National Housing Development Authority, State Mortgage Bank, Local Government Authorities and with relevant Local and Foreign Private Sector Institutions.

Career opportunities for EMV graduates are available in the fields of Valuation, Commercial Real Estate, Asset Management, Urban and Regional Planning, Housing and Environmental Management.


Q: Are there any awards for best performance in the B.Sc. Estate Management and Valuation

     (Special) degree program?

A: Th­ree Gold medals are awarded to Estate Management and Valuation graduates at the convocation. ­they are:

        Gold Medal for the most outstanding student of the course

        Gold Medal for the subject of Urban and Regional Planning

        Gold Medal for the subject of Valuation

Merit awards are offered for the best performance in several core subjects of the degree course at the annual EMV award ceremony.



Q: Do you offer scholarships?

A:  Yes. Estate Management and Valuation (EMV) undergraduates are entitled to apply for the scholarship schemes awarded by the Department of Estate Management and Valuation.

Estate Management and Valuation Alumni Association Scholarships

S N. Wijepala Memorial Scholarship


Q: What are the annual activities organized by the Students Association of Department of Estate

     Management and Valuation?


EMV Undergraduate Research Day and Award Ceremony”

“EMV Talent Show” – “Beyond Vision”  (“Nethin Ethera”)

Real Estate Projects for Social Harmony and Wellbeing (CSR PROJECT).

Guest Lectures, Workshops, Field Trips and Annual OBT Training

Pirith Ceremony

EMV Mini Welcome

EMV Welcome and Going Down

EMV Champion’s Trophy (Cricket Tournament)