Impact of Sustainable Office Workplace On Employee Satisfaction in Selected Banks Within Gampaha District Sri Lanka

Analysis of Rental Housing Market of Y Generation in Colombo District, Sri Lanka

Impact of Information and Communication Technology On Operational Efficiency of Supermarkets in Colombo District

Impact of Real Estate Brokerage Service Quality On Customer Satisfaction in Housing Market in Jaffna City, Sri Lanka

Strategies Adopted in Promoting Green Building Technology in Sri Lanka With Special Reference To The Western Province

Factors Affecting Middle Income Housing Demand in Colombo District

GIS Modelling for Smart Rating Valuation in The Minuwangoda Urban Council Area

Analysis of Traffic Congestion in Kurunegala Municipal Council Area

A Study On the Impact of COVID-19 On Hotel Industry in Batticaloa MC Area.

GIS Modelling Approach for Urban Land Evaluation in Matara Urban Area

A Study On Value Added Fish Product Based Cottage Industries; Reference to Kudawella of Tangalle Pradeshiya Sabha

New Approaches and Strategies for Irrigation Water Management Reference to Thirappane Pradeshiya Sabha

Factors Analyze On Buyer’s Decision in Purchasing Home Reference to Batticaloa Municipal Council Area

Evaluation of Land Administration System Related to Good Governance Principle Reference to Pitabeddara DS Division In Matara District

Consequences of State Land Alienation Programme in Sri Lanka: Special Reference To Nochchiyagama Divisional Secretariat Division

Smart Cities: Main Drivers for Mitigate the Urban Issues; A Case Study Of Colombo Municipal Council Area

Analysis of Causes On Traffic Congestion In The Suburban Area Of Ragama Town

The Factors That Effect On the Residential Housing Market Demand In Suburban Area

Perception Analysis of Factors Determining Residential Land Values in Moratuwa Municipal Council Area

Application of Green Features in Property Valuation in Sri Lanka: Perspectives of Professional Valuers

Factors Affecting the Sustainable Urban Planning and City Development in Trincomalee Urban Council Area

Study On Behavior of Land Purchase Intention; Special Reference to Municipal Council Area In Rathnapura

Economic Impact of Floods to The Human Lives in Rathnapura Municipal Council Area

The Impact of Predictors Comprehension, Motivation, Skills, Resources, And Communication in Project Management On the Success of Real Estate Construction Projects in Sri Lanka with Special Reference to Western Province

The Conception of Town Planner’s On Application of Green Concept in Town Planning Sri Lanka

The Role of Social Media in Selling and Buying Residential Property: A Case Study Of Matara District

Effects of Infrastructural Facilities On the Rental Values of Residential Property- A Case Study of Polonnaruwa

Study On How Park and Ride – City Bus Service Affect to Improving the Working Efficiency in Colombo District Stakeholder Perspective

Real Estate Financing by Microfinance and The Effect of Its On Rural Poverty Reduction In Galle District

Low-Income Housing Projects Wellbeing

Study On Impact of Sand Mining On Urban Communities of Mannar District

Study On University Millennials Consumer Behavior & Preference of The Housing Market in The Colombo- District Sri Lanka

The Most Effective and Efficient Way of Implementing The DCF Method of Valuation for Income Producing Properties in Sri Lanka: A Scientific Analysis

A Study On Tourism Activity Development in Nuwara-Eliya Municipal Council Area with Respect to The Nuwara-Eliya Urban Development Plan 2019-2030

Analysis of Land Value Distribution In Jaffna District Valikamam North Pradeshiya Sabha Limit.2010 & 2020

Working from Home Affect to The University Lecturer’s Productivity In Corvid -19 Pandemic Situation

Study On Transition of Secondary and Tertiary Education Level To Online Education During Covid-19 Pandemic In Sri Lanka

Study On Material Uncertainty and Valuers’ Perspective On Mitigating Material Uncertainty in Valuation Methods, Structures and Suitability of Using Timber Items In Urban Building Constructions

Factors Affecting Tourists’ Satisfaction On Anuradapura and Polonnanruwa

Importance of The Inland Waterway Transport System in Negombo Urban Area

The Impact of Smart Home Technologies to Increase the Market Value of Residential Properties

Impact of Covid-19 To The Construction Industry in Sri Lanka

A Study On the Solid Waste Management in Vavuniya Urban Council Area

Revitalizing The Built Heritage for Commercial Developments in Kandy, Sri Lanka

Analysis of Social and Cultural Impacts Due to New City Development In Hambantota

The Impact of Gem Mining to Reduce the Post Land Value – Ratnpura

Addressing The Ambiguity of Valuation for Mortgage Purpose at A Time Of Market Distress

Integration of BIM and GIS into Cost Approach of Real Estate Valuation

Green Features Consideration in Real Estate Development in Sri Lanka

Study On Changing Land Use Pattern in Batticaloa Municipal Council Area

Effectiveness of Internet Marketing of Real Estate – Residential Land and Building

Perception of Coworking Spaces: IT Sector in Sri Lanka

Impact of Self-Concept On House Purchase Intention in Sri Lanka

Residential Satisfaction of Resettlement Public Housing in Selvapuram Mullaitivu.


Impact of workplace design on employee engagement – Public commercial banks

Determinants of Kandy influencing city brand attractiveness.

A review of sustainability through real estate management perspective: special reference to condominiums

A review of quality and standards of the service areas with reference to Colombo Polonnaruwa bus rout

Problems faced by commercial banks in the process of parate execution

The Impact Of The Town Drainage system on Impact of the town in Commutes perspective. Case study in nawalapitiya

Urban sustainability of resilient cities special reference to Rathnapura MC

Analysis Of Nature Tourism Effect For Neighbourhood Sustainability; Residence Perspective

Educational institutional effectiveness with related facility management

Review of the social and environment sustainability of existing waterfront development projects.

The Impact of Factors Affecting to the Paddy Production in Hingurakgoda Divisional Secretariat, Polonnaruwa District

Critical Analysis of incorparation of sustainability concept into Land Acquisition and compensation procedure in Sri Lanka. (With special reference to Yan Oya Reservoir Construction Project)

Study on the Factors Effect on Less Performance of Title Issuance Process in Sri Lanka; A case study at Moratuwa and Homagama area.

Determinants of the flood risk ; a case study in Kaduwela Municipal Council Area

The Impact of Intellectual Capital on financial performances of most related Real Estate Plc in Colombo Stock Exchange

Environmental and Social Effect on road development in Vavuniya

Cost Effectiveness of Using Low Cost Housing Technologies in Construction

Analysis of factors affecting non-performing loans in the real estate Industry in Colombo Municipal Council area.

Impact of noise  to the employee concentrate within real estate environment

Identifying the factors affecting on lack of youth participation in agricultural sector in Kuchchaveli DS area in Trincomalee District.( A special reference to the domestic sector. )

The effect of working capital management on profitability of listed plantation companies in Sri Lankan

Impact of climate change on productivity of tea plantation in tea estate sector in Badulla district

Exploring the Factors Affecting on Productivity of Tea Smallhoders in Pasbage Korale Divisional Secretrial Area

How affect the southern Expressway for Land value

Superstitious Beliefs and Residential Property Buyer Decision Making in Sri Lanka.

Visitors satisfaction about facilities with in Anuradhapura Sacred area.

Time on The Market of Residential Properties in Colombo”

Impact of the different office design and employee happiness

Impact of view from quality water bodies on residential property values

Empirical study on resident support towards sustainable tourism development in eastern province Sri Lanka( with special reference to Trincomalee)

Infrastructure how affect the real estate values in Akkaripattu municipal council area

The study of reasons behind the people choice of rental house in urban area

Impact of noise  to the employee concentrate within real estate environment

An empirical study on the effects of mindfulness and environmental attitudes on real estate user behavior

Willingness to accept green concept & green buildings – Decision-makers perception

Value distribution of land prices with the case study in Batticaloa municipal council area – GIS based analysis

GIS landslide mapping as a tool for non-performance loans in commercial banks: special reference to Badulla district.

Suitability of Shipping container houses for Sri Lanka

Customer Perception of Restaurant Cleanliness” Special reference to restaurant in Colombo

Analyzes which influence the land buyer’s behaviors to buy land in land market

Analysis of Coworking Real Estate Marketing Trend for the Productivity of Coworking Office Spaces in Sri Lanka

Benefits of Adopting Green Concept for Construction Industry in Colombo District

Impact of Property Standards on User Satisfaction (Case study regarding the office spaces in Colombo)

Analysis of Factors Affecting Demand for Middle-Income Condominium in Colombo

The Impact of Micro Finance for Housing Modification and Improvements in Low Income Households -A Study of Kilinochchi District

Factors Affecting Students’ Level of Satisfaction with Accommodation Facilities (Case of University of Sri Jayewardenepura)

A Study of the Resettlement Process of Families Affected Due to the Extension of the Southern Railway Line in the Context of National Involuntary Resettlement Policy – A Case Study of Beliatta Pradeshiya Sabha

Impact of Environmental Factors on Tourism Industry Impact of Environmental Factors on Tourism Industry

Impact of floods on Real Estate Market using GIS: Case study in Kaduwela Municipal Council Area

Constraints to promote homestay tourism in Sri Lanka

Study the importance of Organic Products related markets in Sri Lanka with the reflection of “GOOD MARKET’’ in Colombo Case Study in Sri Lanka

A Comparative Study on the Construction Cost and Financial Benefits of Green Buildings and Conventional Buildings (Case Study in: E.B. Creasy PLC Company)

Application of Smart City Concept in Sri Lanka Special Reference to Maharagama Urban Council

Application of Green City Concept for Sustainable Urban Vision Reference to Kandy Municipal Council Area

Land Use changes Detection and its Consequences; special Reference to Vavuniya Urban Council

Visitors’ Satisfaction of Passive Recreation in the Colombo District reference to Seethawaka Wet Zone Botanical Garden

Analyze Spatial Distribution of Urban Population Using GIS: Reference to Municipal Councils in Sri Lanka

Influence of Ambience Attributes Towards Customer Revisit Intention at Upscale Fast Food Restaurants – Case Study in Maharagama

Study on factors influencing tourist’s intention to select attractive tourism destination Case study of Polhena beach, Matara

Determinants of effective service delivery in Local Authorities of Sri Lanka Case study of Buttala Pradeshiya Sabha

Customer Satisfaction Related To The Retail Service Quality In Super Markets In Mannar Town.

Household participation on 3Rs solid waste management Case study in Maharagama Urban Council

A Study on Factors influencing Labor Productivity in Building construction projects in Sri Lanka: Case study in Maharagama Urban Council area.

A Study on Factors affecting to time overruns & Quality issues in Multi-storied building Construction projects in Colombo MC Area

Study on current safety practices available to workers in construction projects and issues arrows due to lack of safety measures

Study on effects of cost overrun in construction project and suggest the measures to overcome the problem

To confirm the stability in the construction industry study on negative impacts of industrial zones on existing buildings and human habitation (Natural environment and people) reference of Lakshauyana industrial zone (Polonnaruwa)

Analysis of Problems Faced by Contractors in Design and Build Contracts Case study in Jaffna District

Study on Stamp duty on Immovable Property Transactions to Establish an Efficient Property Market Special Reference to Maharagama Divisional Secretariat Division

A study on the factors contributing to reduce productivity of small holder tea producers in Uva province

Ratepayers Satisfaction on Service Delivery and Willingness to Pay Rates

Emerging New Real Estate Rental Market for Hostel Accommodations Reference of Newly Located Educational Area of NSBM Green University

Analysis the Effect of Non Performance Loan for the financial performance of Commercial Banks A case study in Elpitiya area

An Investigation on Impact of Urbanization on Postwar Agriculture Community (Special Reference in Karachchi Ds Division in Kilinochchi

The Study on Real Estate Market Cycle and Condominium Industry in Sri Lanka

Factors Affecting Yield of Residential Properties Due to Changes in Letting Practices of Residential Properties – Case Study on Airbnb

Impact of Co-working concept in office market in Colombo

Study on Cash flow problems faced by the Trincomalee Construction Contractors

A study on housing affordability of the people

Effects of Implementation of a Professional Real Estate Brokerage System to Investment Sector in Sri Lanka

Assessment of Economic Value of Nine Arch Bridge Ella

How Adverse Weather Conditions Affect Projects Deliverables (An Emphasis on Lost & Delays in The Construction of Nuwara Eliya

Impact of Corporate Real Estate Management on Knowledge Worker Performance in Sri Lankan IT Industry

Identifying the potentials for Adventure Tourism in Bentota from Tourists’ perspective Case Study in Bentota

Study on Mediation Effect of Office Layout on Age and Workplace Productivity in Sri Lanka

Impact of Service Quality Dimensions on Tourist Satisfaction Case Study in Nilaweli Tourism Zone

Valuation of Timber Lands in Sri Lanka

Forecasting Space Demand (A study in Colombo Office Space Market)

The role of financial institutions in Sri Lanka when providing mortgage loans

Examine the Determinants for Mortgage Loan Default

Using Comparative method to Minimize Subjectivity in Real Estate Valuation

The adaptability of Business Models in Public Service Platforms Case Study of Colombo District

Determinants of residential condominium prices in Colombo.

Analysis of issues in Public Bus Transport Service in Homagama Pradeshiya Sabha Area in Colombo

Study on factors affecting demand for middle income housing market in Homagama in Colombo district

Study on Space Management in General District Hospital of Vavuniya as a case study

Study on application of green building features in residential condominiums in Colombo

A study on developing a Green Rating System for New State University Buildings in Sri Lanka

A study on the traffic problem in Batticaloa urban council area

Factors affecting the customer satisfaction on street food trade at  Soratha Mawatha

Visitors’ Satisfaction on National Zoological Garden Dehiwala: An Empirical Study

The influence of Home Gardening on occupants’ life satisfaction

Awareness of dengue epidemic in urban community: A case study of Mannar Urban Council area

Study on Resettlement families after landslides : A case study of Kaluthara District

Professionals perception on green building in Sri Lanka

Consumer Satisfaction  of  environmental  attributes  of  hotels  in  Peradeniya

The household waste management in Matale Municipal Council

GIS Analysis of Socio Environmental risk factors on Dengue incidence in Urban Planning Context: A case study in Maharagama MOH area

GIS Assisted Green Space Analysis in Gampaha Divisional Secretariat Division

Land Value Fluctuations Due to the Urban Development in Kadawatha Town

Analysis of causes of traffic congestion reference level road from Maharagama to Nugegoda

Analysis of environmental, social and economic issues of destructing Coastal Zones, Reference to Kalido Beach Kalutara

Pedestrian oriented Urban Roads within Urban Design

Study on Tourism attraction of natural Landscape reference  to Belihuloya; A case study of Belihuloya area

GIS assisted land land use changing pattern in the Trincomalee town and gravets DS division

Perceptions of  Landowners  on  Factors Affecting  on Effective  Land  Title  Registration System in  Sri  Lanka

An Analysis of factors affecting rental value of commercial properties

Risk Assessment in Commercial Real Estate Development: An Application of Analytic Network Process

Analysis of Compliance with Building Regulations in Heritage Areas: A case study in Galle Fort, Sri Lanka

Issues of visual pollution : A comparison between Maharagama and Mawanella cities

Environmental Impacts of Small Hydropower Plant Projects in Padiyapelella Area

Socio Economic impacts of Dambokka – Kurunegala express way expansion project

Issues of visual pollution : A comparison between Maharagama and Mawanella cities

Study on factors affecting for the assessment of compensation for victims of garbage mountain slide with special reference to Meethotamulla, Sri Lanka

Study adaptation Green Building concepts in to the construction of Hotels in Sri Lanka

Study on problems faced by owners compensation for the lands acquired under the Land Acquisition Act 09 OF 1950   : Reference in  Kurunegala  & Narammala areas

Study on Soild Waste Management Problems and Challenges Faced by Residents Case Study on Karandeniya Pradeshiya Sabha

A study on the constraints in obtaining Loans for Real  Estate  Development  from state and Private banks:  From bankers and Developers View point; Reference in Colombo area

Study on legal issues on the improvements of Non-owner’s Land and Suggestions of Remedial measures

Study on contract cost control techniques used in contraction projects in Sri Lanka

A Study on Impact of Credit Risk Management on Financial Performance of Licensed Commercial Banks in Puttalam Divisional Secretariat Area.

Cinnamon Land Valuation in Karandeniya Pradeshiya Sabha

A Study to Examine the success of introducing rubber plantation to Monaragala District

Factors affecting on adoption of soil and Soil moisture conservation measures in Tea cultivation Case study within Deniyaya area

A Study on Factors Affecting to the Householders’ Beliefs on “Vasthu Shastra”

The impact of road connectivity on residential land value

Impact of causes affecting on post-harvest losses in paddy cultivation in Tangalle Divisional Secretarial Division

Bank loan for open University students to Small Scale Business

An analysis of free holder owners perception on emerging issues in residential condominium ( special reference to Wellawatte seaside condominium)

Urban green space and scenic view as an element within residential property values: Application of Hedonic pricing model- Study in Kesbewa Urban Council area

Transit Oriented Development at Godagama Interchange of Southern Expressway

The potential of crowdfunding inclusion into the Sri Lankan real estate market

Visitor’s satisfaction on Ridiyagama Safari park in Hambanthota

Factors affecting the material waste and the level of adherence for sustainable construction practices in large scale residential projects in Sri Lanka

Internal and external risk factors of large size construction firms in Colombo area

Important of having a building management system for a commercial building in Sri Lanka

Consideration of Operational Cost of Convention Buildings versus Green Buildings in Office Buildings ( Case Study : Hatton National Bank Pvt. Ltd  )

Comparative study on irrigation cost and net agricultural income among irrigated and non-irrigated farmers in Bathalagoda system

Factors affecting tourists’ satisfaction in Sri Lanka as a destination

Factors affecting the rental values of residential properties in Chilaw town

Adaptability of Sustainable Construction Practices: An Analysis of Issues Faced by Sri Lankan Construction Industry

A study on service quality gap of Batticaloa municipal council.

Analysis on consumer’s perception on Real Estate Brokerage service Quality in relation to land market

A Study of solid waste management in Jaffna municipal council area

Study on Factors Affecting on Efficiency and Challenges of real estate brokers: Case study in Kurunegala area, Sri Lanka

Applicability of eco industrial park concept for Sri Lanka

Study of environmental impact in the industry’s solid waste

Increasing Condominium properties and its implication on the residential land use

The Future Adaptivity of Archaeological Protected Buildings in the city of Colombo

Post Effect of Resettlements and Displacement caused by Development Projects to Living Standard of the People (Study on Southern Expressway Development Project)

A Study of Health Risk in Home Environment within University of Sri Jayewardenepura Township Area

A Comparative Study on the Living Standards of Resettled and Non-Resettled Households in Kotmale Reservoir Project

A Study On Changing Land Use Pattern In Batticaloa Municipal Council Area

Suitability Analysis for Recreational Uses Using GIS (GIS Assisted Recreation Suitability Analysis in Jaffna Municipal council Area)

Study on Impacts of Inflation Rate on Rental values of Commercial Properties Case study in Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia

The Study on Residential Satisfaction in Low Income High-rise Buildings: Case Study in Muwadorauyana Low Income Housing Project

Study on an Appropriate Methodology for Compensation Valuation for Disasters in Sri Lanka with Reference to Explosion at Salawa Armory in Avissawella

Comparative study on customer satisfaction on public banks and private banks in Colombo

The Study on Labour Related Risks in Smallholder Rubber Plantation Study Area is Kithulgoda, Kurupita, Kevitiyagala, Polgamapala and Kalupahana GNDs in Agalawaththa Area of Kalutara District

Economic valuation of Udawatta Kele using the Contingent Valuation Method A study in 220 Buwelikada Grama Niladhari Division located in the boundary of Udawatta Kele.

A Study on Factors Affecting to the Rating Valuation Issues in Wethara Sub Office of Homagama Pradeshiya Sabha

A study on the ethical principles for professional valuers in colombo district

Digital Disruption in Conventional Accommodation Services in Sri Lanka

Tho Role of Lending Standards and Supply Constraints in Preventing Potential Housing Bubble

Factors affect on non-payment of rates: A case study in Eheliyagoda Pradeshiya Sabha

Introducing Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) in Sri Lanka: Challenges and Opportunities