About Postgraduate Degree Programmes

The faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Sri Jayewardenepura offers a Master of Science Degree in Real Estate Management and Valuation (M.Sc. in REMV) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Real Estate Management and Valuation (PG Dip in REMV) conducted by the Department of Estate Management and Valuation.
This Program is particularly designed for graduates and practitioners in the field of Real Estate Management and Valuation and graduates in other fields, who wish to enhance and improve their competence and extend their qualifications in the aforesaid field.
The Department of Estate Management and Valuation, is one of the key institutions in land-based undergraduate education and the sole institution of producing graduates in Real Estate Management and Valuation in Sri Lanka for more than three decades. Having acquired this long-standing experience, the department has realized the necessity of postgraduate education in the field. Furthermore, the collaborative efforts of the state sector, private sector and the non-government sector in the national economic development should be underpinned by well qualified academics, professionals, and the business community essentially in the field of Real Estate Management and Valuation. In this context, the Department of Estate Management and Valuation attached to the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce in the University of Sri Jayewardenepura wishes to extend its education and research opportunities through these programs.


Aim of the Degree Programm

M.Sc. Real Estate Management and Valuation degree programme aims to provide students with a thorough theoretical understanding and a range of practice based knowledge and skills in “real estate management and valuation” ensuring occupational and professional needs in the contemporary world of work.

Objectives of The Degree Programme

  • To enhance Knowledge and understanding of theories, concepts, principles and techniques in an advanced manner to gain professional competence in Real Estate Management and Valuation.
  • To improve key transferable skills required for professionals to address contemporary issues in real estate and uplift the economic and social wellbeing.
  • To develop students with positive attitudes, human values and professionalism in promoting the discipline of real estate management and valuation towards the advancement of the society.
  • To provide opportunities for personal and professional development and enhancement of lifelong learning.

Program Duration

The duration of the M.Sc. in REMV degree program is two (02) academic years consists of four (04) equal semesters. The duration of the PG Dip in REMV program is one (01) academic year consists of two (02) equal terms.

Postgraduate News

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Primary Point Of Contact

Course Coordinator

Department of Estate Management and Valuation
Faculty of Management Studies & Commerce
University of Sri Jayewardenepura


Intercom :8495/8496

Other Important Info

Academic Staff

Internal Lecturers

  • Senior Professor (Chair) R.G.Ariyawansa
    B.Sc. Est. Mgt. & Valuation (Sp.) (SJP) M.Sc. in Management (SJP), M.Sc. Development Planning (University College London), PhD ( SJP)

  • Professor (Mrs) D.S.R.Samarasinghe
    B.Sc. Bus. Admin (sp) (SJP), PG. Dip. Marketing, M.Sc. Bus Admin, (SJP), PG (Dip) PhD (SJP)

  • Professor (Mrs). K.G.P.K.Weerakoon
    B.Sc. Est. Mgt. & Valuation (Sp.) (SJP), PG. Dip. Urban Development (Moratuwa); M.Sc. Human Settlement Planning (AIT, Thailand); FITP (SL), PGC (ITC Netherland); AIV(SL)

  • Professor (Mrs) J.Edirisinghe
    B.Sc. Est. Mgt. & Valuation (Sp.) SJP., PG. Dip. Urban Development (Moratuwa); PG. Dip. Env. Science (Colombo); M.Sc. Human Settlement Planning (AIT, Thailand); MITP (SL)

  • Professor S.S.M. De Silva
    B.A (sp) (Vidyodaya), MA (SJP), PG(Dip) (Land Sett. & Dev) (Colombo), LLB (Colombo), LLM (Colombo), Attorney at Law

  • Prof.(Mrs)R.P.C.R. Rajapakshe
    B.Sc. Bus. Admin (sp) (SJP); MBA (Colombo), MBA (Wakayama), PhD (Ritsumeikan)
  • Prof. P.D. Nimal
    B.Sc. Bus. Admin (sp) (SJP) MBA (PIM of SJP), MBA and (PhD(University of Shiga, Japan)
  • Dr.(Mrs). N.C. Wickramaarachchi (Head of the Department, Senior Lecturer)
    B.Sc. Est. Mgt. & Valuation (Sp.) SJP, M.Sc. T&CP (Moratuwa), PhD (Colombo) ,FITP (SL),AIREV (SL); AIV(SL); MRICS (UK)

  • Dr.(Mrs).U.A.D.P.Gunawardana
    B.Sc.(Kalaniya), PhD (Edinburgh), M.l.Biol(SL)

  • MR. H M Premathilake
    B.Sc. Est.Mgt. & Val. Special (SJP); M.Phil.Agri.Econ (Peradeniya); Diploma in Valuation
    (CTC); ARVA (UK); FIV (Sri Lanka); MRICS (UK)

  • Dr. J N Hettiarachchi
    B.Sc. Est. Mgt. & Val. Special (SJP) ; Diploma in Valuation (CTC); Bachelor of Law; M.Sc.
    Project Management (Moratuwa); FIV (Sri Lanka); MIQS (Sri Lanka)

  • Dr. T.G.U.P.Perera
    B.Sc. Est. Mgt. & Val. Special (SJP); CIMA, (UK)
    M.Sc. Urban Engineering , Japan

  • Dr. P.C Kaluthanthri
    B.Sc. Est. Mgt. & Val. Special (SJP); DipM (UK); MRICS (UK)
    MBA PIM (Sri Lanka)

  • Mr. Terans Gunawardhana
    B.Sc. Est. Mgt. & Valuation (Sp.) SJP. M.Sc. (SJP),M.Sc. (UOM), AIV(SL)(Prob); AIREV (SL); AM (PRRES)
  • Mr. D. Prathapasingha
    B.Sc. Est. Mgt. & Valuation (Sp.) (SJP), MBA (Wales), PG Dip (Colombo), Diploma in Real Estate (Reading) MRICS (UK)

  • Mr. B.A.Jayananda
    BA (SJP), M.Sc. (ITC Netherlands)

  • Mrs. Indu Weerasoori
    BA (Colombo), M.Sc. (University College London), PGDip (Moratuwa), PGDip (University College London), FITP (SL)

  • Mr. PW Senaratne
    B.Sc. Est. Mgt and Val (sp) (Colombo), M Sc (Canterbury) MRICS (UK), FIV (SL)