Higher education was a dream of my life and in present I have reached to that goal by being a graduate from Department of Estate Management and Valuation, University of Sri Jayewardenepura. At the beginning of my A/L, I was dreaming to enter into university of Sri Jayewardenepura. According to the GPA I was selected to the Department of Estate Management and Valuation. This department is not limited to theoretical knowledge but provide diversified practical knowledge in Real Estate field as well. Apart from that the academic staff help us to generate new knowledge by mentoring and organizing the research symposiums. Further, all of the undergraduates can improve their personalities by participating the extra-curricular activities, entrainment events and the internship programme . Growing up here with in four years of period is one of best decisions I have taken in my life and hopefully I can continue my life what I have interest in.

Dilini Ganegala

I am privileged to be a member of the Department of Estate Management and Valuation which has the monopoly in producing valuers all over Sri Lanka. Through this Department I have gained the multidisciplinary knowledge on land management and equipped in soft skills to face the world of professions. The department has the nurturing culture which groomed me and internship program, research, field visits, international mentoring, exposure to corporate world and platforms helped me improve my knowledge and soft skills. Accreditation of the degree by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors- UK (RICS UK), opened the doors for me to cater the international real estate market. The EMV crew facilitated in many ways to build the corporation between undergraduates and added more values to our lives. Above all I’m proud to be a part of the EMV family.

Poologasingam Caleb

I am very proud to be a graduate of the DEMV. Because it is the best path to build up our career with present most trending industry of real estate. This also RICS accredited degree programme, so there are so many job opportunities in local as well as foreign too. It provides well balanced course experience with theoretical knowledge as well as practical. It not only provides the knowledge but also, everything needs to brightness to the life. Very supportive academic staff, peaceful leaning environment, admirable teaching facilities provide us a desire to learn. During the academic journey, I was completely different person, more confident, self-dependent, able to do things my own, take on challenges. Overall, it has been a brilliant experience.

Gayani Dissanayake

In the beginning, I never thought how valuable this opportunity would be. But as time evolves things started to unfold. Being a part of the EMV family has been a sophisticated episode in my life. The resources at the department are treasures and I had a golden opportunity to be lectured by highly qualified lecturers. EMV degree which is accredited by RICS-UK has opened up thousands of opportunities all over the world for EMV graduates. The entire curriculum was well-balanced between theoretical and practical aspects of real estate management and valuation. Over the period of four years, I have experienced that this course has been instrumental in personal as well as academic development. The experiences that I gained through the activities that were organised by the department helped me to develop the required skills for my career life. One of the greatest things I have learned from this course is to challenge myself to think outside the box and it encouraged me to grab opportunities whenever possible. I am delighted to say that this course assisted me to gain the opportunity of having a global exposure working overseas in Bahrain as well as to successfully work in a different organisational context. Finally, I must say that at the end of four years, I met friends for life from all over the country and all these were life-changing experiences for me.

Lahiru Dilshan

 Life at DEMV was quite amazing even some concerns this area is new to them and challenging, however, it is the best path for someone who looking for paving their career in to emerging and trending industry in the world and enhance your potential. It offers you a bunch of interesting subjects correlating to the main topic of real estate, making it multi-disciplinary and well balanced between the theoretical and practical aspects of the subjects. I particularly enjoyed the depth and well-balanced structure of the course, the inspiring academic environment, and the invaluable opportunities to learn from the leading experts in the field. The enormous level of support from course staff, and excellent teaching facilities, undoubtedly added to this unique experience. I would certainly recommend the course to anyone considering a career in Real Estate Management and Valuation.

Nimasha Sugathadasa

It is a great privilege for me to be an undergraduate of the Department of Estate Management and Valuation. The opportunities I have received from the Department of Estate Management and Valuation are incalculable. Specially from the activities conducted by the Students Association of the department opened the door for us to engage with the corporate world.  The lecturers provided us the platform to learn property valuation as well as real estate management. Therefore, it is a great blessing to study under a well-supported and dedicated lecture board. The best benefit which the undergraduates of the department gains is that the B.Sc. Estate Management and Valuation (Special) degree programme is accredited by the Royal Institution of Charted Surveyor (RICS) and by the Institute of Valuers Sri Lanka (IVSL). At last I’m proud to be a student of Department of Estate Management and Valuation which is the only place that property valuers are born in Sri Lanka.

Chamal Bandara

The very first day that I stepped into the Department of Estate Management and Valuation, I started a new chapter in my life. Having a very supportive and dedicated lecture panel is a great blessing that we can receive as undergraduates. The lecturers helped me to climb up the ladder of success. They showed me the correct path to do it. It has been a blessing for me and my team to attend the International Conference on Real Estate Management and Valuation as Publishers with the great support and guidance of our beloved lecturers. Further I would like to say that the Department of Estate Management and Valuation, gave us a bunch of opportunities not only to enrich our academic skills, but also the extracurricular skills as well, by organizing events like Nethin Ethera, EMV Trophy, Annual Pirith Chanting Ceremony, etc. Another specialty of the department is that we have our own computer lab and resource centre in the department which give the undergraduates the opportunity to practice the practical subjects at any time and find out the knowledge to a greater extent, respectively. So, I really feel this place as my mother whom giving her best assistance, guidance and support to enlighten their children’s future and mold us in every aspects of the life in order to be the unique character to the society. Finally, I would love to say that I extremely feel proud to be a member of the family of Department of Estate Management and Valuation.

Shehani Gamage