It was a great opportunity that I received to follow the B.Sc. Estate Mgt and Valuation Degree.   All four years, I was directed by then academic staff to reach number of goals.   I could involve number of extra activities as office bearer of EMV Student Association.  EMV Resource Cntre was started during that period under the supervion of then senior lecturers.   A good exposure was taken by me working as a member of organizing committee of 25th anniversary  of EMV.  I earned the EMV Degree by claiming one and only  Gold Medal which was awarded for the best performance in all four-year as the batch top. As well, the M.Sc. of EMV enhanced and updated my knowledge in all aspects of real  estate management and valuation. Actually, it was very interesting and fabulous period of my life.

Mr. A S W K Nanayakkara

Additional Chief Valuer 

Department of Government Valuation 

I got the true sense of the corporate world through professional and academic exposure of the REMV M.Sc programme. Currently, I’m having constructive time over here with making new friends from different professional and cultural backgrounds. I can assure that the University of Sri Jayewardenepura will not let you down in any hardships and keep you on the right track achieving your targets with great pride.” 

Mr. Lasantha Bandara 

Town Planner

Urban Development Authority 

It is a great privilege that I got to become a postgraduate student of MscREMV at DEMV as it is the most reputed educational institute in the field of real estate in Sri Lanka. Therefore, I am very proud to say that I have completed it successfully gaining knowledge and experiences in a wider area which were the road to my career development and the personal competence.

Mrs. L N S Fernando

District Valuer

Government Valuation Department

Real Estate Management and Valuation. Two disciplines in one course—this is the knowledge I gathered while at the M.Sc. offered by USJ. When teachers are experienced, flexible, practical and dedicated coaching with care, students are also more enthusiastic. I was able to complete the course within the given time frame in a fashion. Finally, this course is the most powerful experience given to my life to become a globally acceptable valuation professional, researcher with a highest recognition by the President of Sri Lanka, and competent industry mentor with further encouragement to continue my studies.

Mr. Sampath Dayarathne

Managing Director

Ace Property and Business Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd

The MSc REMV course delivered insightful course content and the opportunity to learn from experienced experts in the field of real estate including the faculty and guest lecturers. Further, the highlight of the course was the opportunity to network and learn from a diverse group of course mates with vastly different backgrounds. I would recommend this course to anyone seeking to obtain specialized knowledge in the field of real estate, improve industry expertise and gain credibility.”

Mr. Thilina Abeysuriya

Managing Director at Straight Sale (Pvt) Ltd

It was an amazing and memorable experience studying at the Department of Estate Management and Valuation, University of Sri Jayewardenepura. Completing the MSc in Real Estate Management and Valuation degree has been a valuable opportunity that I received to update my knowledge and upgrade my career as a competent valuer. Throughout this programme, I had countless opportunities to enhance my academic knowledge as well as interpersonal skills. It also provided me a platform to showcase them. I would highly recommend this programme and I convey a big thank to all the lecturers involved in the programme providing all kinds of learning resources to help us consolidate knowledge in different ways. 

Mrs. Ushani Weerappuli

Assistant District Valuer

Government Valuation Department

Master in Real Estate Management and Valuation is my carrier supporting experience as a Professional in Government Valuation, the atmosphere that create is so unique and powerful, that it actually the power of all dedicated and intelligent scholars, in enormous level of support and guidance. The content is well balanced with multi-disciplinary approaches and have been structured to precise with challenging and emerging real estate potentials. For me the best thing is about, this really a unique experience to enhance my knowledge for better productive evaluation of new approaches in the sphere of Valuation as to be best fit with my interest and carrier education which lead me into a brighter future to give a valuable contribution to the field of Real Estate Management and Valuation. I am so proud to be a graduate of Estate Management and Valuation and I am looking forward to the next chapter of being the master’s in real estate management and Valuation with the vast Knowledge provide by the People with grate relationships.

Mrs. Susanthi Amarasekara

Assistant District Valuer

Government Valuation Department