Welcome to the Department of Estate Management and Valuation (DEMV), dedicated to achieving excellence in Real Estate Management and Valuation, while staying updated with the latest trends in the field.

Our B.Sc. Honours in Real Estate Management and Valuation Degree program provides a comprehensive foundation in property management, making it the only Bachelor’s Degree of its kind in Sri Lanka. With a history dating back to 1973, DEMV has been the primary gateway for individuals aspiring to become professional Valuers and Commercial Real Estate Surveyors in the country. Over the years, we have produced over two thousand graduates who currently hold prominent positions in the industry. In addition, since 2007, DEMV has been offering a Master of Science and Post Graduate Diploma in Real Estate Management and Valuation, led by our multi-disciplinary team of faculty members.

At DEMV, we are committed to equipping our students with the intellectual skills and professional competencies necessary for success in the challenging realm of Valuation, Real Estate, and related domains. Our B.Sc. program is recognized and accredited by the Institute of Valuers of Sri Lanka, as well as internationally by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors for Valuation and Commercial Real Estate Pathways. Our dedication to delivering quality higher education was recognized when we were awarded the Quality and Innovation Grant (QIG) of the HETC project in 2013.

As a fully-fledged department, we actively contribute to the field through the publication of the Sri Lanka Journal of Real Estate and by hosting the annual International Conference on Real Estate Management and Valuation (ICREMV). These platforms promote the adoption of Smart Real Estate practices to address socio-economic needs. Additionally, our research and professional development arm, the Centre for Real Estate Studies, fosters application-oriented research and cultivates local and global connections.

As part of our dedication to fostering holistic development, our undergraduate students take the initiative to organize Nethin Ethera, an enchanting fine art talent show. This event not only cultivates their appreciation for others but also enhances their cultural intelligence, teamwork, networking skills, and more. Additionally, we take great pride in our student association, EMV CREW, and our esteemed EMV Alumni, both of which play crucial roles in our contributions to society. At DEMV, we prioritize creating a positive and collaborative atmosphere, fostering strong relationships among students, staff, and industry professionals alike.

We extend a warm welcome to you, inviting you to become a part of the EMV family. Together, let us embark on an exciting journey filled with boundless opportunities for knowledge acquisition, personal growth, and making significant contributions to the dynamic world of Real Estate Management and Valuation.

Dr. Prathap Kaluthanthri
PhD (USM), M.Sc. in REMV (SJP), MBA (PIM-USJ), B.Sc. (Special) EMV (SJP), PG Dip in Marketing (CIM-UK), MRICS, AIV|
Head | Dept. of Estate Management and Valuation