Sanda Diya Dahara (සඳදිය දහරා) 2021”: Three-day Online Poson Full Moon Poya day Programme

“Sanda Diya Dahara (සඳදිය දහරා) 2021”: three-day online Poson Full Moon Poya day programme organised by the EMV Crew; EMV Student Association was broadcasted online via the EMV Crew official Facebook page and the official YouTube channel for three days from 24th June 2021, the Poson Fullmoon Poya Day from 06.30pm onwards. The programme included a digital pandal (thorana) and five clips of Bethi Gee Saraniya. This programme aimed to showcase students’ talents and commemorates the significance of the Poson full moon poya day.

YouTube links to the programme:

Day 01:

Digital Pandal (Thorana)


Bethi Gee Saraniya I:


Bethi Gee Saraniya II:


Day 02:

Bethi Gee Saraniya III:


Bethi Gee Saraniya IV:


Day 03:

Bethi Gee Saraniya V:


Bethi Gee Saraniya VI: