“Strangers-2017” – Press conference

Strangers organized by the department of marketing management of the university of Sri Jayawardenepura was successfully held on from 24th to 26th of August 2017 in locations of Colombo,Belihul oya and Ella. A Press conference was held prior to the event on the 14th of August 2017 at Sri Lanka Foundation institute. The Press conference was attended by eminent personalities including the Vice Chancellor of the university Prof. Sampath Amarathunga and the Dean of the faculty of the Management Studies and 20799028_1100537226744713_6154341276992865695_n 20799066_1100534966744939_1622889104972999198_n 20799378_1100526906745745_3757655660309637438_n 20799406_1100527306745705_8405034923258699377_n 20799420_1100527790078990_8742759378721066391_n 20799470_1100527440079025_8514959756491106889_n 20800324_1100530846745351_950132926294537285_n20799854_1100529583412144_5823766276745840928_n 20840789_1100526833412419_8340509970773855524_n20840852_1100526783412424_2015125580535731495_n 20841788_1100526966745739_699973948671226584_n 20841896_1100528170078952_2227802268797942882_n 20882687_1100526733412429_747842576046554592_n 20882839_1100526880079081_7973791853995542387_n 20915306_1100531916745244_554428458327823652_nCommerce, the head of the department of the marketing management Dr. Lalith Chandralal along with the other members of academic staff and the undergraduates were quick to present the event to all the media personnel present .The media brief included a run through of the event with address by the main organizers of Strangers 2017. The Press conference concluded with cocktails for participants.