Talent show

There is no any Talent show in the history of J’pura, where all the Undergraduates; External students, Alumni members and especially the lecturers are performing on one stage. Vibes of Marketing makes a place for them. Initially, it was an Indoor talent show and by the time it became an Outdoor Night show with the best talents of the above mentioned parties.

Fashion show

This is the event which enhances the glamour of the Vibes of Marketing talent show. After an audition undergraduates are selected to perform on the stage with the Film stars, Celebrities who are invited as special guests to the vibes talent show.


  • Taking forward the Goodwill of the Marketing team, Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce and University of Sri Jayewardenepura.
  • Creating a better platform for the talents of J’pura Marketers.
  • Enhancing leadership skills, organizing skills and Team working.
  • To make more stronger relationships in between Marketing Undergraduates, Marketing Diploma Students, Alumni Members and Lecture Panel.

Vibes of Marketing

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