Students’ Resource Centre

The Department of Marketing Management has established its own Resource Centre for the use of marketing undergraduates in their academic and extra-curricular activities. Office bearers of the Marketing Management Association (MMA) coordinate and manage the activities of the Resource Centre.

Research Library

The department maintains a research library mainly for the use of final year students of the department which helps them in writing their Research Report, which is a compulsory requirement of the degree programme. The research library consists of the accepted researches conducted by the passed out graduates of the department and some researches conducted by the lecturers of the department for students’ reference.

Digitalized Library and Language Center

The department provides a self administered computer lab the students are allowed to use for their academic work as well as improve their English language using the installed software both online and offline.

Activity Room

The Department has a fully furnished activity room enabled with a smart board which is provided for the students for their academic improvement and extra curricular activities such as English peer evening club and improving their soft skills.

Business Incubator

The Department has provided the students with a business space in the university where the students are given the opportunity to manage a business on their own as an organized project coordinated by the Student Association of the Department.