Marketing Management Association (MMA) is the official students’ Association of the Department of Marketing Management and it is one of the strongest students’ Associations within the Faculty with a high recognition. Its’ office bearers are selected from among students of the department on an annual basis. Marketing Management Association is a very innovative, creative and proactive student body. The main objective of the MMA is to enhance the skills and talents of the students to face the challenges and difficulties of dynamic marketing environment by organizing different kinds of workshops, events, and activities annually. This is a separate student body, which gives more opportunities to enhance the unique skills required to be molded in marketing undergraduates. MMA can be viewed as the congregation of marketing undergraduates who seek to set trends and do everything in an extraordinary way with the motto of “Dare to be different”.

The Department and the Marketing Management Association (MMA) annually organize Personality & Skill Development Programme at Diyathalawa Military Academy, Social Projects, Simulation Games, Workshops and Field Visits with the purpose of improving students’ organizing capabilities and letting them close to the practical aspects of the philosophical and theoretical knowledge. Accordingly, MMA can be viewed as a well-established student’s association seeking to serve all kind of marketing students in every possible way while being the pulls of the Department of Marketing Management and the marketing field of Sri Lanka.