Vibes of Marketing 2016

Vibes 2016, the Annual Talent Show of the Department of Marketing Management of University of Sri Jayewardenepura was held on the 19th of January 2017 at the University grounds in the most glamorous way.Starting by 6.45 in the evening the event proceeded until merely midnight making the audience enjoy every moment of the show.

This year the show took a step forward by integrating a movie of adventure directed and acted by our very own marketing department students. The movie included how a group of University students end up in a journey of adventure through the guidance of an ancient magical book they received from the library.

Vibes 2016 continued with its performances of dancing and singing as the milestones of the movie showed. Celebrities, choreographers such as Ms. SandaniPathirana, BaskarPrakash, ImalkaVenroy added colours to the event. With the guidance of the head of the Department of Marketing Management Dr.K.P.L.Chandralal and the support of the beloved lecturers of the Department the students were able to achieve the optimum output of the show with ease gathering a crowd of over three thousand. The commitment of the current students of the Department and the continuous support from the earlier batches of the Department the Vibes 2016 ended up in the most glamorous way ever in the university history making everyone much proud of it.16174849_1312096632194638_6149406631694600819_n