Best Student Award Ceremony – 2019

The aim of the Department of Commerce is to produce graduates with appropriate and
sufficient managerial skill, knowledge and experience, who are competent to support and
augment the economic development of the country by generating and imparting scientific
knowledge with the aid of different and most relevant modes of delivery. To accomplish this,
the department has formulated and made efforts to build up basic theoretical knowledge in
the field of Commerce and Management indispensable to be B.Com graduates.

Annually, about 125 students, selected by the University Grants Commission on the merits of
their choice and G.C.E. (Advanced Level) performance as indicated by the Z-score, are
registered to the programme. At present, the Department receives students registered for the
B.Com (Special) Degree programme in their first year of study onwards. Therefore, the
Department academic staffs now involve in teaching subjects from first year. Accordingly,
the Department offers 18 course units (excluding Internship and Independent Studies).
In order to strengthen the main intention of the degree programme, the Department has
decided to offer a best student award for each subject offers by the Department, effective
from 01.01.2017. The students who enrolled the Bachelor of Commerce (Special) Degree
Programme are eligible to receive these awards.

The students who take the highest mark for the Semester End Examinations of the following
subjects offered by the Department of Commerce are selected as the best
students. Accordingly, 29 students are eligible for receiving the best student award for the
academic year 2019.