Mrs. Shanika Kumarasinghe

Mrs. Shanika Kumarasinghe


B.Com.  (Special), (SEUSL), MSc. in Management (USJ)



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Research Methodology

Research Interests 

Accounting & Finance





Academic Journal publications  

  • Kumarasinghe, W. S. L. & Haleem, A., 2020. The Impact of Digitalization on Business Models with Special Reference to Management Accounting in Small And Medium Enterprises In Colombo District. International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research, 9(3), pp. 6654-6665.
  • Athambawa, H. & Kumarasinghe, W. S. L., 2020. Critical Literature Review on Integrated Reporting and Agenda for Future Research. Sambodhi Journal ((UGC Care Journal), 42(1), pp. 747-763.
  • Haleem, A., Ahamed, S. T. & Kumarasinghe, W. S. L., 2020. Investigation on the Value Relevance of Integrated Reporting and Organizational Capital: Evidence from Sri Lanka. International Journal of Financial Research, 11(6), pp. 372-382.
  • Kumarasinghe, W. S. L., 2021. Eradication of poverty in South Asian Context: A critical review. Journal of Business Economics, 3(1), pp. 19-35.
  • Kumarasinghe, W. S. L. & Jahfer, A., 2021. An investigation on financial performance of Commercial banks in Sri Lanka: Applicability of the CAMEL model. Sri Lanka Journal of Marketing, University of Kelaniya, 7(3), pp. 166-180.
  • Riyath, M.I.M., Kumarasinghe, W.D.S.L. & Shiraj,M.I.M. 2022. A Bibliometric review on the financial performance of banks: CAMEL Model. Journal of Management, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka, 17(1), pp. 62-79.

Conference presentations and abstracts

  • Kumarasinghe, W.D.S.L., Haleem, A. 2020, “Digitalizing Business Models of Apparel Sectors in Sri Lanka”, 9th Annual International Research Conference, Faculty of Management and Commerce, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka, Oluvil, Conference Proceeding 56.
  • Riyath, M.I.M., Kumarasinghe, W.D.S.L. & Shiraj, M.I.M.,2022. A Bibliometric review on the financial performance of banks: CAMEL Model. 10th International Symposium, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka. ISBN:978-624-5736-37-9.

 Book publications

“International Environment of Business”: Shanika Lakmali Kumarasinghe, ISBN-978-624-97868-0-6.