Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing Management offered by the Department of Marketing Management of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura is tailored for those pursue higher studies in the field of marketing. Also, this provides an opportunity for marketers to enhance knowledge and skills through the blend of theory and practice. Therefore, this programme is useful for managers and executives who are working in any organization because marketing is core to the sustenance and growth of any organization.



The postgraduate student who completes the degree will be able to;

  • Identify new opportunities in the market and devise effective marketing strategies to capitalize on them
  • Analyze the current marketing practices/strategies of organizations and propose alternative approaches to ensure the sustenance of the firm
  • Critically evaluate the applicability of theories and models in comprehending contemporary marketing practices and developing more-context specific approaches in solving such issues
  • Identify the issues on professional codes of ethics in the area of marketing and perform the role of a ‘marketer’ in an ethical and socially responsible manner



Programme Structure

This is a one year programme and consists of two semesters. In each semester, five courses will be offered.

Course Code Course Title Lecture Hours No. of Credits
Semester I  
PGDMM 1031 Marketing Theories and Practice 45 3
PGDMM 1032 Consumer Behavior 45 3
PGDMM 1033 a) Integrated Marketing Communication 30 3
b) Sales Management 15
PGDMM 1034 a) Management for Marketing 15 3
b) Financial Management for Marketing 15
c) Economics for Marketing 15
PGDMM 1035 Marketing Research 45 3
Semester II
PGDMM 2031 Product and Brand Management 45 3
PGDMM 2032 Analytical tools for Marketing 45 3
PGDMM 2033 a). Strategic Marketing 30 3
b). Marketing Sustainability 15
PGDMM 2034 Services Marketing 45 3
PGDMM 2035 Project Report (Independent Study) 3
Total Credits 30

Classes : Sundays and Saturday Evenings


Primary Point Of Contact

Coordinator – Mr. Harsha Tissera

Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing Management,

Department of Marketing Management,

Faculty of Management Studies & Commerce

University of Sri Jayewardenepura,

Gangodawila, Nugegoda.


Coordinator: 071 3382233

Department: 011 280 2009


Other Important Info

Maximum Intake
Annual student intake and the method of selection will be determined by the university for each academic year.

Length of the Degree Program
One year (two semesters)