The Accountancy and Financial Management Association (AFMA) is the student association of the Department which aims at the enhancement of knowledge, skills and attitudes of the Department of Accounting. This is attained through an array of activities such as organizing guest lectures, workshops and seminars on a wide range of topics with the collaboration of the industry; compilation and printing of course manuals; and assisting in the daily operations in the Accounting Resource Centre, Skills Development Centre, Accounting Mini Library, and the Music Centre. All registered students who follow B.Sc. Accounting (Special) Degree Program are members of the AFMA. The office bearers of AFMA are selected from among the 2nd year students of the Department on an annual basis.

Objectives of the AFMA:
• To enhance knowledge, skills and attitudes of the members
• To publish requisite pamphlets, articles and magazines and printing of course manuals in order to facilities conduct of course units
• To develop personality and capabilities of the students and to promote activities which help development of the association
• To raise funds for various development and student based activities
• To organize seminars for A/L students
• To organize guest-lectures, workshops and seminars on a wide range of topics, mainly with collaboration of the industry
• To conduct supporting lectures to weak students
• To organize religious, cultural, social, welfare and sports activities
• To publish a magazine (Accounting Panorama)