The Department has the following facility centres which were either established or renovated and refurbished under the World Bank sponsored Improving Relevance and Quality of Undergraduate Education (IRQUE) Project.

 Accounting Resource Centre (ARC)

IT related activities of the Department revolve around the ARC, which house the Department’s computer laboratory. ARC aims to introduce new technologies in the student centred teaching-learning process and thereby enhance the IT learning skills of students. The Laboratory is mainly used to conduct lectures and assignments on computer based accounting courses of the Degree Program. ARC comprises of computers with internet facilities, other modern equipment, and latest accounting and statistical software (e.g. Peachtree Accounting Software Package, Sage 50, SAGE UBS ERP System,Sage Pastel ERP, Data Engine and SPSS).


Skill Development Centre (SDC)

SDC is the language laboratory of the Department set up to improve the English language skills of students. This is a computer-based self-learning laboratory where students are allowed to enhance their English proficiency through the use of software packages. In addition, SDC also comprises English Language text books and other language learning material.


Centre for Accounting Internship and Skill Development (CAISD)

CAISD is responsible for conducting, monitoring and evaluating the Skill Development Program of Intern Accountants of the Degree Program. It maintains a database of students and liaises with the training providers of the Degree Program. Further, there are many training programs conducted under CAISD in relation to Internship with a view to enhance the technical and soft skills of students.

Accounting Mini Library

The Accounting Mini Library is a specialized accounting library. It has a wide collection of Accounting and Management textbooks and books for English Language improvement as well as for general reading to facilitate teaching-learning process of the Degree Program.


Research and Information Centre (RIC)

RIC was set up with the intention of improving the research skills of students and staff of the Department. It is equipped with computers with internet facilities and a collection of research articles and databases on accounting and related fields.