The Advanced Diploma in Computer Based Accounting (ADCBA) is the advanced stage of the Diploma in Computer Based Accounting currently offered by the Department of Accounting. It is a program of one year duration. The program will be conducted over two semesters encompassing 8 course units. Those who have successfully completed the Diploma in Computer Based Accounting are eligible to apply for this program.

During the first semester four course units (60 hours each) and during the second semester, Three more course units (2 courses of 60 hours each and 1 course of 90 hours) are offered. The study sessions will include practical work as well.

In order to be qualified for this diploma, participants are required to obtain at least a ‘pass’ for each of the course units  Students who fulfill these requirements will be awarded ADCBA.



Information Technology (IT) is imperative to the success of any organization in the current dynamic and competitive business environment.  In conjunction with the development of IT, Accounting has also expanded its scope and horizons.  It is evident that in order to be successful in a career in Accounting one should be adequately exposed to IT in general and Computer Based Applications in accounting in particular.

At present it is difficult to find an organization which does not depend on a computerized environment in accomplishing organizational tasks. With the advent of computer applications the accounting functions and processes have been appreciably simplified. Therefore, those who possess proficiency in computer based accounting in addition to the theoretical knowledge will have a distinct competitive edge in the current job market.

Subjects offered in this program are designed to provide participants with adequate knowledge and skills in the applications of Accounting, Auditing, Taxation and Finance in a computerized environment. Thus, it is aimed to enable participants enhance their careers in the Accounting profession by acquiring the newest knowledge and skills in relation to Computer Based Accounting.


Objectives of the Program


This program of study will:

  • Provide an opportunity to the Computer Based Accounting Diploma Holders to expose to a higher level of computerization of Accounting and Financial Management activities in their working environment.


  • Provide participants with hands on experience in Project Management, Auditing and Assurance, Taxation, Artificial Neural Networking with a view of enhancing their effectiveness at work.


  • Provide an opportunity to be a good Accounting specialist who can work in a computerized working environment in an organization.