Lectures of a course are to be completed by 15 weeks and all continuous assessments of a given course should be completed during the 15 weeks. The final examination of the course will be held after 2 weeks study leave.


Assessment of students’ performance in each course shall be based on continuous assessment/s and a semester-end examination.

Weight for the Components:   Continuous assessments will carry 30-50% of the total marks while the semester-end examination will carry 50%-70%. Further, a student should obtain at least 50% of the marks allocated for continuous assessment in order to be eligible to sit the semester-end examination.

Continuous Assessments: Students shall be assessed during a course through assessment methods such as quizzes, mid-term tests, individual/ group activities, individual/ group assignments, class room attendance and participation.

Semester-end examination: This will take the form of a written examination, where its duration will depend on the requirements of each course. However, this will be usually of three hours.

Pass mark for each course shall be a minimum of 50% (i.e. a C+). Thus, a candidate who does not secure a ‘C+’ grade in the course shall repeat the final examination, and the maximum mark awarded in such an attempt will be limited to a maximum of 50 marks.


Evaluation of the research report is based on the assessment of the written report (75% of the total marks) and the performance at the viva voce examination (25% of the total marks). Further, the viva voce examination will be called only if the candidate has secured a minimum of 50% of the marks allocated for the written report.

A supervisor will be appointed with respect to each student who will be guiding the student with in relation to all aspects of the research study. On submission of the completed research report (duly recommended by the supervisor) it will be examined by two independent examiners. The viva-voce examination will be held after fulfillment of the aforesaid requirements.




A candidate is deemed to have passed the study program only if he or she secures Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of not less than 2.30 in the entire program. GPA is the mean of Grade Points obtained for all the credit courses, thesis/research/project, and the viva voce examination. Those who secure an overall CGPA of not less than 3.70 in the entire program shall be considered for a Merit Pass.


The coordinator shall issue progress reports of students on request. On request by students detailed result sheets will be issued by the Faculty of Graduate Studies once the results are approved by the Faculty subject to the approval of the Senate.