Annual General Meeting of the Alumni Association of the Department of Business Economics – 2016

Annual General Meeting of the Alumni Association of the Department of Business Economics – 2016

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Alumni Association of the Department of Business Economics was held on 28th (Saturday) May 2016 from 3.30 pm onwards at the Soratha Building Main Hall, Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce with the participation of Dr. (Mrs.) Sumudu Perera, Head of the Department, other Lecturers and past graduates of the department.

Since the initiation of the department in 2001, it has produced more than 400 graduates to the nation with the successful completion of the 10th batch in 2016. The Alumni Association of the department was formed in 2007 with the primary objective of maintaining sound relationships among the alumni members and the faculty. Apart from that, the alumni association expects to initiate and develop programmes that will be focused on sharing knowledge and experience among the members and in expanding the network between the department and the corporate sector. Ultimately, with the support of the association, the B.Sc. in Business Administration (Business Economics) (Special) degree programme would be upgraded.

The AGM was devoted to select the Officials for the 2016-2017 year, to discuss future endeavors of the association and to take actions to update and expand the database of the members.

Newly appointed Officials are as follows.

President                                                         : Ms. Amalika Jayasekara Abeysinghe (2002/03 batch)
General Secretary                                           : Mr. Rajeev Rathnasinghe (2003/04 batch)
First Vice President                                        : Mr. Roshan Rangana Aththanayake (2003/04 batch)
Second Vice President                                    : Mr. Amila Jayalath (2008/09 batch)
First Assistant Secretary                                 : Ms. Dinesha Priyangika (2010/11 batch)
Second Assistant Secretary                            : Ms. Chathushka Chamali (2006/07 batch)
Treasurer                                                        : Mr. Janaka Fernando (2001/02 batch)
Assistant Treasure                                          : Mr. Dilan Rajapakshe (2009/10 batch)
Executive Committee Member (from 2001/02 Batch)                                               : Ms. Chathurani Nadee Somanatharachchi
Executive Committee Member (from 2002/03 Batch)                                               : Mr. M. H. Wickramasiri
Executive Committee Member (from 2002/03 (A) Batch)                                        : Ms. Thilini Saparamadu
Executive Committee Member (from 2003/04 Batch)                                               : Mr. Viraj Attygale
Executive Committee Member (from 2004/05 Batch)                                               : Mr. Maduranga Withanawasam
Executive Committee Member (from 2005/06 and 2006/07 Batches)                       : Ms. D. M. Dhanushika Harshani
Executive Committee Member (from 2008/09 Batch)                                               : Mr. Damith Munasinghe
Executive Committee Member (from 2009/10 Batch)                                               : Ms. Thilini Navaratne
Executive Committee Member (from 2010/11 Batch)                                               : Mr. H. T. I. Lakmal