Master of Philosophy in Business Economics (MPhil (BEc))

The MPhil (BEc) programme is a two year programme which is equivalent to the SLQF Level 11. This programme is research-oriented and focuses firmly on the development of high-level independent research outcomes. Further, the programme allows graduates to enhance their theoretical knowledge and analytical skills in Business Economics, supplemented by courses, seminars, and the oral defense of a Dissertation

The aim of this programme is to enhance the capacities of the candidates with economics and managerial skills, which are necessary to deal with the challenges posed by the increasingly complex and rapidly changing business environment. Moreover, it is expected to promote graduate students to pursue their Doctoral studies.

Contact Details:

Dr. (Mrs.) Sumudu Perera

Coordinator (MPhil (BEc))

Senior Lecturer
Department of Business Economics, FMSC, USJ

Mobile: +94 71 8 386 626

Office: +94 11 2 802 005


Application Closing Date: 18th January 2022

Link to Apply: