Master of Business Economics (MBEc)

The Master of Business Economics; MBEc Programme is a one-year degree programme, which is equivalent to the Level 9 of SLQF. This programme is specially designed for private sector and public sector employees enhance their critical thinking and strategic decision making ability.

Programme Objectives

The main objective of this programme is to provide graduates a comprehensive theoretical grounding in the discipline of Business Economics along with its application in business decision making and public policy formulation.

A graduate of this degree programme should be able to;

  • Demonstrate a theoretical knowledge and understanding of the main aspects in Business Economics.
  • Use practical knowledge and skills effectively and efficiently in applying the techniques necessary to collect, analyze and interpret data in management and economic decision making.
  • Conduct independent studies to address problems in the field of Business Economics.


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New Intake: Call for applications in early January each year

Link to Apply:

Contact Details:

Dr. Janaka Fernando

Coordinator (MBEc)

Senior Lecturer
Department of Business Economics, FMSC, USJ

Mobile: +94 71 4 191 996

Office: +94 11 2 802 005 / +94 11 2 758 841