The Business Economics Students’ Association established in the year 2007 promotes interpersonal relationships among the students and academic staff to achieve the objectives of the department. Further, this Association supports the undergraduates to maintain links with other academic institutions, professional and business organizations. It also enhances the soft skills and performance of the students through exhibitions, competitions, and other social events. One of the outstanding activities initiated by BIZCON since the year 2011 is the annual drama festival.

Recent BIZCON Project

Annual Outbound Training

” _You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over._ “         -Richard Branson- The Annual Outbound Training Program of the Department of Business Economics was successfully held basing Hawagala Mountain and the Academy of Adventure, Belihuloya with the participation of the batches, 2017/18 and […]



The forex crisis or the lack of foreign reserves is one of the major issues that the country is facing right now as an economy. The trade deficit problem that has been going on for a while led Sri Lanka to be tangled more in this crisis. Sri Lanka has enormous potential to expand and […]


‘J’PURA EXPO 2022 – Product Fair

The ‘Product Fair’ was intended to upgrade already designed product offers to export standards with higher value addition. The focused category for the product fair was agro-based products which could potentially be enhanced into exportable goods. It was also expected to build up a platform for the exporters to reach the export market via authorities […]