The Business Economics Students’ Association established in the year 2007 promotes interpersonal relationships among the students and academic staff to achieve the objectives of the department. Further, this Association supports the undergraduates to maintain links with other academic institutions, professional and business organizations. It also enhances the soft skills and performance of the students through exhibitions, competitions, and other social events. One of the outstanding activities initiated by BIZCON since the year 2011 is the annual drama festival.

Recent BIZCON Project

Project ‘ACCENT’ by the Department of Business Economics to Reduce Corruption in Sri Lanka

“If corruption is a disease transparency is an essential part of its treatment.”                ~Kofi Annan ‘ACCENT’ is a project organized with the aim of reducing corruption in Sri Lanka and initiated under the … Continued


The Official Launching Ceremony of the E-Magazine “විනිවිද”

A group of 3rd year students in the Department of Business Economics will launch an E-Magazine called “විනිවිද” on 19th January 2022 as a part of the course BEC3344: Project Management. The E-Magazine is the final phase of the project … Continued



“We cannot make people learn. We can only provide the right conditions for learning to happen.” – Vince Gowmon- Making an educated generation is the best way to empower the nation as it creates significant positive impacts on society as … Continued