The Department of Business Economics formed the Alumni Association in the year 2007 to maintain relationships with its present and past students, some of whom already hold significant positions in the corporate and government sector. The department maintains a database of its graduates to assist them to find employment opportunities. The members of the association meet once a year.

Alumni News

Harshani Priyanka Receives Merit Award for Outstanding Research on Remote Work and Employee Satisfaction

We are thrilled to announce that Ms. Harshani Priyanka, a student at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura’s Department of Business Economics, has been awarded the Merit Award at the “Best Research Awards -2023” organized by the Institute of Applied Statistics Sri Lanka. Harshani’s research, titled “Effects of working from home on employee satisfaction in the […]


Navigating Futures: BEC 4646 Introductory Session Illuminates Practical Training for Business Economics Students

Introduction: In an eagerly anticipated event, the Department of Business Economics recently conducted an Introductory Session for BEC 4646: Practical Training on the 1st of February. This session, conducted in the New Board Room, sought to offer invaluable insights to current students through presentations by esteemed alumni members. The goal was to illuminate the career […]


Fostering Educational Excellence: A Remarkable Gesture of Corporate Social Responsibility by the Department of Business Economics

Introduction: Demonstrating commendable corporate social responsibility (CSR), the Department of Business Economics has recently unveiled a generous initiative on January 10th, 2024. This program includes the provision of 10 scholarships to deserving undergraduates within the department. The altruistic aim of this initiative is to offer financial assistance to students grappling with economic challenges while showcasing […]