NIBM Gold Medal 

The NIBM Gold Medal is awarded for the best student in the department every year at the completion of the degree programme. As the selection criterion terms it, students graduated with a first class are eligible to apply. If there is more than one first class holder, the selection committee may take the GPA into consideration. When there is no first class holders, students graduated with an upper division second class with the highest GPA becomes eligible. When there are no students under the above criterion, the medal will not be awarded in that particular academic year.

Awards and Scholarships

Pasan Wijayawardhana wins Best Paper Award at South Asian Economics Students’ Meet (SAESM) 2020

Mr. Pasan Wijayawardhana, a fourth year undergraduate of the Department of Business Economics won the Best Paper Award for the research paper titled “Can compensating wage differentials economically empower women in South Asia?” presented under the theme of “Mainstreaming Gender … Continued