NIBM Gold Medal 

The NIBM Gold Medal is awarded for the best student in the department every year at the completion of the degree programme. As the selection criterion terms it, students graduated with a first class are eligible to apply. If there is more than one first class holder, the selection committee may take the GPA into consideration. When there is no first class holders, students graduated with an upper division second class with the highest GPA becomes eligible. When there are no students under the above criterion, the medal will not be awarded in that particular academic year.

Awards and Scholarships

Agreement Between USJ and CIIE

The University of Sri Jayewardenepura and the Chinese Institute of International Education, China (CIIE) signed an agreement for academic cooperation to promote teaching, learning, and research for Chinese students on 16th December 2022 at the Vice Chancellor’s Office. Under this agreement, a special intake of Chinese students will be enrolled in the Master of Business […]


Merit-based Scholarship for Masters of Business Economics (MBE) programme

Programs are Offered By

Department of Business Economics

Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce

University of Sri Jayewardenepura

Applicable Academic Programs:

Master of Business Economics (MBE)

Details of the Scholarship

This is a merit-based scholarship. Only 50% of the course fee is charged. This scholarship is awarded only for the graduates of the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce, University of Sri Jayewardenepura who have ranked the 20 highest GPAs of the faculty in the respective academic year. Maximum number of 05 (Five) scholarships are awarded per academic year of the MBE programme.

Prospective Applicants and Eligibility

  1. Graduates of the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce, University of Sri Jayewardenepura who have ranked the 20 highest GPAs of the faculty in the respective academic year.
  2. Applicants should submit the formal application.
  3. Decision of the Board is the final decision.

Selection Procedure

  1. Scholarships are awarded on the competitive basis
  2. All the evaluations are done by the Scholarship Evaluation Board (Herein after referred as the ‘Board’) appointed by the Head, Department of Business Economics
  3. The list of eligibility criteria may change, the evaluation board has the sole right to change the criteria and standards with the consent of the majority of the Board.
  4. Applications can be obtained from the office of Department of Business Economics or applications can be downloaded from the
  5. Notices and other information on the submission of applications and evaluations are distributed to the Deans and Divisions Heads. For the external applicants the information is included in all the public notices and advertisements.
  6. Scholarships are awarded only for the Sri Lankan citizens.


Scholarship recipients should pay the balance of the course fee within the given deadline. The course fee can be paid in accordance with the faculty policies. Deadlines for the payments will be informed over the emails, website and notices are put in the students’ notice board of the Department. If, a scholarship recipient fails to pay the installment within the given period scholarship will be cancelled by the Board.

Evaluation Scheme

Evaluation is solely based on the list of highest GPAs ranked graduates of the Faculty Management Studies and Commerce, each academic year. If there are more than five (05) applicants for scholarship, the GPA of the applicant will be considered in awarding the scholarship.

Funds and Budget allocation

Funds for the Merit-based Scholarship are allocated from the annual budget of the programme.


The list of scholarship awardees is presented to the Faculty Board and Senate for the approval before doing the students’ registration for the programs.


Scholarship holders should comply with the rules, regulations, systems, procedures introduced and implemented at the Department of Business Economics. Otherwise, scholarship is declined, and students must pay full course fee at once. The decisions are taken by the Board. Students can present an appeal to the Dean of the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce through the Head/Department of Business Economics. The Dean of the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce, together with Head/Department of Department of Business Economics will address the matter and give a solution to the grievance.